Process to Recovery: .5%
Gold Lost: 19mil pure
Retrieved: 7k

Help me if you wish..... These are the Items I need to recover. i update after every item recovered and/or 100k

Jinxi's Charm 1st gen
Inari Beads 1st gen
Nitemare Scarf
Nitemare Headband
Damascus Armor
07 Letter Set
05 Letter Set
Death Whisper 1st gen
Gimpi 1st gen
Staff of the Angels
Ancient Katana
Demonic Pitchfork
Penguin Slippers
Seal Slippers
Piolitrosso's Urn
Superior Form
Gift of the Gods
Gift of the Goddess
Panda Hoodie
Fremer's Guard
Chayku Norisu Scarf
Steel-Plated Ninja Headband
Infernal Spirit
Panda Slippers
Guitar of Demona
Guitar of Angellus
07 letter set

~Gaia's Unoffical Genie~
I am on Hiatus from Genie Business due to a scam resulting in all my gold being lost, please help me regain.User Image