'Sup bro, I heard you like neglectin' that there story of yours...
Funny, Mudkip's gonna be in this one.
~~Treasure Town~~

-Lucario, Equinox, Shadow, Cream, and Elebi have been greeted by an unidentified Pokemon in Treasure Town, who calls himself the Leo Avenger. his name is Skyelord.-
Skyelord: Don't worry about the heroes and Eclipses that've taken a beating, they'll be fine! They're heroes after all, am I right?
Cream: Sonic always manages to pull it together! I believe he'll be okay!
Shadow: Cream, he had lost his memory.
Cream: Oh... Uh-oh...
Lucario: I do, too, believe that the powerful figures of Mobius will reawaken. Even here, Mew rests. He will pull through.
Skyelord: So, the Lord of the Phazes has sent the Phaze Guardians and Starsign Avengers on a quest. The quest, you ask? He's sensed some suspicious activity goin' on with the Eclipses, you see, and it's our duty to find and take this threat down! I'm gonna be the first to do it, too!
Elebi: [Gasps.] You're with the Phaze Order?! (Carbuncle!!)
Carbuncle: (I know of Skyelord. He serves as the Leo Avenger of the Starsign Avengers. It would make sense he has been sent to this world, for he is a Pokemon as well.)
Elebi: (But suspicious activity?)
Carbuncle: (Precisely the exact same...)
Elebi: Skyelord? You said suspicious activity, hm?
Skyelord: That's right. Straaaaange things going on with the Eclipses. By the way, are a couple near? I'm feelin' a presence...
Equinox: That would be me.
[Skyelord turns to Equinox.]
Skyelord: Ah-ha! Of course I knew you were an Eclipse! But I'm not getting any suspicious feelin' here. Somewhere else, probably?
Lucario: There is another Eclipse quite near. Would you like to see him?
Skyelord: Yeah. That'd be a help.
[Lucario, with Skyelord, returns to the shelter. Mew is still resting...]
Lucario: This is him. Do you feel anything unorthodox?
Skyelord: Hrmmm... Hey, I do... I do! Is that... 'That Darkness in him?!
Lucario: What!? You can sense Darkness within Mew?
Skyelord: Yea, it's not all that much, but I can't forget bad 'ol Darkness... This don't seem so good, I didn't think the Eclipses were going evil on us.
Lucario: But... he had fought alongside Chris, against Darkness...
Skyelord: ...Wh...what did you say? Just now?
Lucario: He had fought alongside Chris.
Skyelord: Chris came back to Fantasy... Well, surprise surprise... [Staring at Mew, puzzled.] But why? What is Hideaki hiding from us...? If anyone's gonna get to the bottom of this, it'll be me! I'll find Chris first!
Lucario: Don't you think that it would be best to assist the Eclipses against any potential threats from Darkness?
Skyelord: That fox girl is an Eclipse, and we can't have her, or any other, end up like this...
Lucario: ...Another has... Tails.
Skyelord: [Turns his head to Lucario.] Huh? Are you kidding!? How did Tails and Mew suffer this at the same time?
Lucario: Because the two of them were fighting alongside Chris on Mobius... That is all I know.
Skyelord: ...[Seems challenged by this.] ...Dang... What did I miss? ...Okay, I admit it... I... ne-need... some help if I'm gonna find out what's going on here.
Lucario: I will assist in any way possible... Also, if it applies to the situation, Chris' sister is here.
Skyelord: His sister? Elicia? How did she get here?
Lucario: I can't say. She is the small blue one.
Skyelord: Well, thanks for the info. Now it's up to me to stop the crises! ...Okay, us...
[Skyelord begins back up to the top of Sharpedo Bluff, but Lucario stops him...]
Lucario: There is another thing.
Skyelord: [Turns his head.] Eh?
Lucario: Two young adventurers have been injured by the Nightmares.
Skyelord: Oh brother, Nightmares? So that means they are here. Ah, crud, and that means they'll be causing a bit of trouble for everyone else. I'll stop them!
[With that, the two head back up to the top of Sharpedo Bluff.]
Elebi: Did you learn anything new?
Skyelord: A bunch of stuff... First, I found out that Mew's Ecliptic power is slowly being replaced with Darkness...
Lucario: Replaced? You hadn't spoken of that sort of activity...
Skyelord: Whoops... Oh yeah, and Elicia!? How'd you get here!?
Elebi: [Giggles.] You figured it out? Hideaki and Carbuncle guided me here to search for Chris!
Skyelord: Hideaki and Carbuncle? So everyone decided it's okay for you to get involved in your bro's adventuring?
Elebi: I guess so!
Skyelord: That's handy! Be careful out there...
[Night is coming...]
Lucario: It's getting dark. Perhaps you should all find a place to stay
Skyelord: I'll be fine! I'm gonna get to the bottom of this "Nightmare" and stop it myself!
Equinox: Shadow? Should we stay up as well?
Shadow: For as long as we can. These Nightmares I'm constantly hearing about sound troublesome.
Cream: I don't think I can stay up all night.
Equinox: You may sleep. [Chuckles.] We don't expect ourselves to stay up as well.
Cream: Okay! What about you Elicia?
Elebi: Hmm... I'm not so sure...
[At this moment, Chatot can be heard approaching.]
Chatot: Hello? Hello!
[Everyone turns to Chatot.]
Chatot: Made new friends again I see. I have come to inform everyone that our new recruits are going to be alright. Al is awakening already! Adam seems to have been injured a bit worse however.
Equinox: Pleasant to hear that they are doing well.
Lucario: I concur. Hm, to be brought down by the foe they faced with Chris... [Turns to Elebi.] I recommend you see them, Elicia.
Elebi: Did they look up to my brother?
Chatot: [Surprised.] Oh my!! Are you Chris' sister!?
Elebi: That's right. My name is Elicia Lunhalo.
Chatot: Good heavens, you truly are! I hadn't known Chris had a sister.
Elebi: Ai-yai-yai, that Chris. Distracted like always.
Chatot: On the other hand, Lucario, that is an excellent idea. I am positive that a sibling of Chris' will be able to lift Al's spirits.
Elebi: [Smiles warmly.] Okay! I'll go see the little guys and cheer them up.
Chatot: Thank you kindly! Please, come this way!
[Chatot leads Elebi into Treasure Town...]
Lucario: I suppose I should part for slumber as well. I will be here if any of you need me.
Cream: He-he! Sweet dreams!
Equinox: Let's hope they are sweet dreams.
Shadow: And not NIghtmares.
[Skyelord wanders off into Treasure Town... He seems curious, so he follows the path that Chatot had taken.]
~~Wigglytuff's Guild~~{Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/T.)
Chatot: I have brought I guest with me, Diglett. I guarantee all of you will be amazed to learn who she is!
Diglett: Really?
Loudred: A special guest!? Who IS she?
Chatot: Patience! You will soon see!
Elebi: [Giggles.]
[The two of them enter the guild and descend to the lower floors, but everyone seems to be lower, concerned about Adam and Al.]
[Deeper in... Chatot and Elebi arrive. A large amount of the guild members are talking about Adam and Al, as well as the Nightmares.]
Chatot: Everyone!
[They all turn to Chatot, questioning Elebi's appearance.]
Corphish: Hey, hey... Doesn't she look like Chris when he changed...?
Sunflora: Oh my gosh... She does!
I like to introduce a very special guest! Her name is Elicia!
Elicia: Pleased to meet all of you~! [Winks.] You may know me better as Elicia Lunhalo, Chris' sister!
[Everyone gasps in shock.]
Chimecho: Wh-wh-wha!? Chris had a sister!?
Bidoof: Golly!! I never imagined it!
[Loudred, Diglett, and Dugtrio overhear this, and rush into the conversation.]
Loudred: WHAT!?!
[Even Croagunk is impressed.]
Croagunk: Heh-heh... That's something else.
Dugtrio: Are you being sincere?!
Elebi: Mm-hmm!
Chatot: Because Team Kross had journeyed with Chris and appreciated him, I felt it was necessary to bring his sister to comfort them in their time of need. And what luck!!
Corphish: Hey, hey!
Bidoof: Gee, you ain't kidding!
Elebi: (Carbuncle, do you know of Adam and Al?)
Carbuncle: (I believe they are two young Pokemon who are merely beginning their adventures as heroes.)
Elebi: (Okay then.)
Chatot: It is getting late everyone. I recommend you all head to bed as early as possible for another day!
Everyone: HOO-RAY!!
[Everyone throws out a warm greeting for Elebi, and head to their rooms...]
Elebi: What a nice crew!
Chatot: They are, aren't they? They're pleased to meet you, Elicia! Your brother had kept the guild safe in the past after all!
Elebi: He-he-he! I have to admit, it is so cool to get to meet everyone also!
Chatot: Come with me. I'll lead you to Team Kross' room.
[The two of them walk through the guild hall, into the very last room. Adam remains unconscious, but Al, though a bit drowsy, is awake, He notices Chatot and Elebi.]
Al: Huh...?
Chatot: Hello, Al. How are you feeling?
Al: Well... I've been better.
Chatot: I understand you're upset about Chris leaving you two to deal with the Nightmares... I'd like you to meet Elicia, Chris' sister.
Al: Wh-what!? Sister!?
Elebi: Yep.
Chatot: Well, I'll leve you kids alone now.
[Chatot leaves the room...]
Al: So, you're... I never would've thought...
Elebi: [Giggles.] Trust me, I've already heard that a bunch of times. [Walks to Al and Adam. She sits in front of them.] So, I've heard you had a bit of trouble lately?
Al: We did... We were on a quick mission... a scary, huge Nightmare appeared and swept us up like nothing. If Equinox hadn't have saved us, we probably wouldn't be here.
Elebi: Yikes! I'm sorry about that, but I'm glad you're safe... Listen, I've heard some great things about you two. Don't feel like you can't handle rough situations! I know that anything conjured by Naught totally out of control!
Al: That was the case earlier.
Elebi: I bet. So, you got to travel alongside my brother?
Al: Yes, we did. He's a great guy! He can be a little intimidating though.
Elebi: That's Chris for ya!
Al: Will... will he ever come back to this world?
Elebi: I'm sure he will. I'm here! He'll come back Al.
Al: ...Thank you, Elicia.
Elebi: Hm?
Al: Thank you... Thank you so much for coming here to cheer us up...
Elebi: Of course. You deserve this life. You don't deserve to battle with Naught's henchmen... They're trouble, even for the Phaze Order.
Al: Thanks... [Smiles cheerfully, then looks to Adam...] Adam... he was battered, and all I could do was watch...
Elebi: [Scoots near Adam.] Poor little guy... Don't worry Al, everyone's hoping for the best that Adam will make a full recovery... [Places her hand on Adam's head, patting it.] I know he'll be okay... Huh? [Her entire arm glows...]
Al: What's that? Your arm is shining!
Elebi: [This takes place for a mere three seconds before the energy is entirely absorbed by Adam...] Huh? What in the world happened just now? (Carbuncle... was that me?)
Carbuncle: (Ah! Fascinating! So your power is opposite that of your brother's after all...)
Elebi: (What do you mean?)
Carbuncle: (Both of you, to an extreme, possess tremendous power aside from the Time Traveling capabilities. It is another mysterious side effect that Lord Hideaki has recognized. You seem to posses a constructive ability, whereas your brother possesses destructive abilities. Over time, you will learn to manipulate these abilities quite well.)
Elebi: (Awesome!)
Al: Hey... Adam!!
Adam: [Sitting up, now awake...] Ugh...
Elebi: I... I really did that... (How cool... Oh? ...A strange feeling... The one I had when I met Equinox... I wonder...)
~~Drenched Bluff~~{Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoT/D.}
-Meanwhile, Skyelord is investigating the area near the Drenched Bluff for any suspicious activity.]
Skyelord: [Scanning the area.] Bah... Doesn't look like anything happened out here... Strange, somethin' was telling me Darkness was at this spot... I know I'm right! They're just hiding from me... How could I be wrong?
[Skyelord continues to search the area... It is then that he senses something completely opposite to Darkness...]
Skyelord: Hey... [Sniffs.] That smell... [Sniffs.] That smells like... an Eclipse... It's coming from... [Faces ahead.] straight that way...
[A gleam of light can be seen in the distance...]
Skyelord: ...An Eclipse... Must've sensed Elicia's presence... how strange, if Chris really was here, how come that didn't draw out the other Eclipses...? Confusing, even for me.
[Skyelord approaches the light... Both draw nearer and nearer to each other, until they meet face to face...]
Skyelord: Hello there!
Young Feminine Voice: Huh? H-hi. [Nervous, she lowers her head a bit, still focusing on Skyelord.]
Skyelord: Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. I sensed you comin' closer, and... You're an Eclipse, huh?
Young Feminine Voice: [Gasps.] Pray tell, you know about the Eclipses!? Truthfully!?
Skyelord: 'Course! I am a Starsign Avenger after all!
[The young girl is the shiny version of Jirachi, with more of a reddish blend of colors Her presence is luminous.]
--J I R A C H I--
Jirachi: How wonderful, truthfully! I felt a feeling like never before not too long ago, so I felt it was necessary to search for the site of which the feeling comes from.
Skyelord: So it has to be... Hey! I think I know who you're looking for!
Jirachi: You do, truthfully? Pray tell...
Skyelord: Her name is Elicia Lunhalo... It's probably better if you come with me, I'll show you to her.
Jirachi: Thank you!
Skyelord: [Nods, assured she will follow. The two of them make way for Treasure Town.]

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