Oh my god....

I probably just did the MOST stupid thing on this PLANET.


I watched "The Spankwire Video"!

Honestly, I almost cried (And upchucked my Ramen)

And I know what you're thinking right now:
"Karasu, why the hell were you on Spankwire?!"

Well, let me just get this much striaght:

Cuz see what happened was, I was on Youtube, mindin' MY own business, when I come across this Youtuber named Queerion (((Go check him out, his vids are AWESOME.))) And I come across this video he made called "SpankWire Reaction - DO NOT WATCH THAT VIDEO" and the faces that he made during that video was HILARIOUS. All through it, I was thinking: "Ok, first '2 Girls 1 Cup' and now I hear about THIS!? Where is this s**t, cuz it can't be all that bad!" and being the curious little person I am (((As we ALL know, of course!))) I turned to my Handy~Dandy Google Toolbar and searched for it, (((Which was not all that hard. Didn't have to go far for it either.))) I clicked on the link and It sent me there.

On that video...

Are some very, VERY unspeakable things in that video.

Some that should NOT be mentioned in this entry.

Don't watch it.

PLEASE if you don't want your virgin eyes to be raped by this vid DO NOT WATCH IT.