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All New! All Amazing! All Completely Insane
I have no life...GET OVER IT
Ohh why am I doing this to myself? Plus: It's NINJA DAY!!
Because a certain someone has been bugging me for a while now for art, not naming names here, DAVID, here you go.
I didn't want to do this really. Really I didn't.
This sucks horribly and it makes me cry just looking at it. *sigh*

Check out my drawing! Actually I'd rather you didn't.

And because my private joke post is getting real long, I'll be putting at least today's jokes in this entry. Because really, it's getting way too long. Don't believe me. Check it out.

" It was probably Yuu. " " No, it wasn't me! " " No, not you. Yuu! " " Me? " " NO Y-U-U " - Oh the common pronunciation of every day words and names...The confusion...The mayhem.
" You're insane. " " Yes, I am! " - Look how I proudly admit it.
Ghadni was a secret ninja! - *Rory imagines this and bursts into laughter*
" What's a ninja's black uniform called? " " Uh...Black uniform of DOOM! " - Must we add doom to everything you ask? Yes!
Japan didn't want to be corrupted by Western Ideals so what did they do: Built a Dominie Dirtch - Sword of Truth joke there people. By the way, only got one question wrong on my test. And it wasn't this one.
What will you do to better the world: World Domination! - A sample question from one of the many surveys I've had to take since joining the high school career.
Mario and Luigi!! I know what you're talking about!! - Finally huh Jamie?
She's got a paper bomb. - I made it on the planner! I made it on the planner!
Sticky shuriken! - Because God Rory! Shuriken is more important than your damn eraser. And it hurts more when you stick it to my forehead.
See it's a snake with a smiley face..And legs! - Her lack of knowledge on the anatomy of a snake bothers me. But I'll just keep smiling.
Bamboo torture scares me - *whimper*
I'm thinking of getting best friend #3 - Are you scared yet Rory?
Maybe she's NOT gay! Oh wait, there's a girl. Nevermind. - I'm not a lesbian Jamie! Honest! Unless you are. [/wink]
" I hope you die! " " Jaz, you hope everything dies. " - Well it all should just die and we can start the world all over again.
Let's go violate virgins. - Favorite demonic line EVER!
" [/gasp] Naruto and Gaara are foils! " " You're such a nerd. " - No, I was just studying for my finals. And the connection just happened to come into mind...I AM NOT A NERD!
How come demons never heard of protection? - Is it just me or are they all completely oblivious to to the concept of AIDS?
[/thinks of the Darken Rahl/Doritoes incident] - [/laughing hysterically] I still need to make the cartoon for it.
Oh just let Demmin wear his rainbow cloak. - Because I'm ALL for Gay Rights.
He-ey! Let me ride on your scooter! - But I don't care how gay you are...This is still weird.
'Cuz I'm such an awful DUUUUUUUUCKKKK! - I should totally get this stitched on the back of my swim towel.
I bite my thumb at you! - This still insults me to no end. I will punch the first person who does it to me.
Kakashi! This egg is f*cking with me! - Another wonderful excerpt from French Class.
I can't hold any team spirit since our team color is orange. I hope we lose. - I greatly despise the color orange. I don't know why. Anyhow, I can get a bit livid when it comes to it. So far as to mutter this under my breath.
Ahhh! Edward Cullen store stand! - Thanks Rory, for letting me walk into it. a*****e.
This is God! Don't be afraid....Oh screw that. Be afraid! - It's a surprise we're not struck by lightening on a regular occasion.
My communion is a hash brown and diet coke from McDonalds. - In case you can't tell my before private joke, I'm not that devotely religious. Ahhh well.
So Hitler is shooting lasers and plungers, Luigi from Mario is humping Hitler's ear, and Mr. C is buff. Yes, this is completely historically correct. - About a rather disturbing picture on the Geometry Board.
Oh that lovable asian....He's going DOWN - My closest friends might understand whose this is about.
Yeah we're so B.A. Riding through town, going five miles per hour, windows down, licking ice cream. - Only real gangstas!
" What kind of ninja should I be? " " An ugly one, that way you don't have to work so hard! " - Oh I just got told!
" Uno! " " We're playing pirates dice. " - Rory, what was in those brownies?
Mufasa! - Lion King joke.
" I think I'm going to cry. " " [/singing high pitched] Beauty and the Beast... " " Beautiful moment gone. " - I always ruin the moment when it comes to love.
No one's a bigger p***k than Gaston. - My addition to a Beauty and the Beast song.
Be my new deity. - My attempts to get out of having to go to Confirmation.
You're eating a day old bagel without a hole! - Oh the scandal Steve-O!
Didgeridoo: Giving you sacrifice music since the beginning of time. - Okay so I don't think I spelled that right, but it's the Austrailian instrutment.

What kind of a guy compares a girl to food except a cannibal....Or a sex plant. - Wow a private joke that returns back to a private joke. We're pathetic.
Boogie button! - Rory is great annoyed by a certain button.
Do the Rion...Du du du du du du - Yes, like do the hussle!
I can't read your lips, your hair is in your face. - Rory! That's not funny when you keep secrets from me.
Yeah, but I never want to eat the counter girls. - English poem...Long story.
Idiot gas - No Alex, that's not a type of gas.
I found our new religion. It involves sacrifice and chastity. - But don't worry, not animal sacrifice. Human!
That is not sacrifice music! Our deity is displeased! - Rory, you must learn to play if we're going to do this together.
Since when have bunnies had shark fins - RADIOACTIVITY!
Nicci+Jagang=Awww? - Are we supposed to be touched or disgusted?
So he would use Additive magic to expand your locker and Subtractive to get rid of the hooks - Yes, we actually spent a good minute or so discussing how Darken Rahl would fit in Rory's locker.
You're a retarded lesbian! -That's offensive Jamie!
That's what you get for bugging me. A kunai knife in the hand. - Maybe she's learned her lesson.
It looks like a kitty! - I can't even remember where this first began. I just remember laughing. Hard.
I'm allergic to your stupidity -Ahhh so that's why I've been sneezing all day.
I'll give you this strawberry if you can keep a secret. - No thanks, allergic.
Who cares about your lonely soul? - One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs.
No, Lamarque is not dead yet! Well he is, but you don't know that...Forget I said anything! - Me navigating through the songs on Les Mis.
Suicidal squirrel! - It really happened. It actually did. O.O
No! My eraser, at which I will chuck at your head. Mine! - Rory's pocessive of her weapons.
Techno only serves to ostracize that ones that do not have iPod headphones. - Incident in English where I did not get to listen to music. [/pout]
Hey Meth addicts! Don't worry! I'm real! - Talking to my neighbors.
Those are not whiskers... - Rory was being very random today in English. Very very very random.
When you extend your tongue, you're saying, " I'm going to eat you! " - My God that made me laugh.

Who's the hero of time? DEAN! - Forget Link. Dean rocks my socks all the way to the moon!
I think Zelda suffers from schizophrenia. - She's got multiple personalities. [/nods]
You put 2 Narutos in there and you forgot both of them! - Hehe...Blame it on the ADD
So we can't make it three minutes into Clockwork Orange, but Rory has to go back to watch some guys head splatter in Die Hard. - [/rolls eyes]
You just bombed my icecube...Dumbass! - The result of me and Rory racing on Super Monkey Ball.
" Do you like sculpting? " " Do you like blowing things up? " "Do you like rhinocerouses? " - My questions of Rory. Yes, these were completely random. And I spoke with an accent.
[/claps hand over mouth and one eye] - ....SENSEI!
SPEAK WITH YOUR HANDS! - I have an iPod in, Rory. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
I have an iPod in Rory. - Rory's now laughing hyserically at the above comment when I forgot punctuation
"God Jaz, sound it out! Pun-qu-a-SION!" - Rory yelling at me for misspelling punctuation.
Punkshoeashun - I sounded it out Rory.
Mistake there...nice spelling job asswipe - Rory should be a professional spell checking something or other... ((written by RORY!))
Since when has asswipe had a q in it. - And I thought you wanted to be a spellchecker Rory.
I GUY! WHAT DRAG! - Damn laptop and it's non-functioning 'a' letters.
Watch out for evil boys with flippers. - My knees still hurt like hell.
Pudding! - Emily G...I love you.

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  • User Comments: [6]
    I love it Jaz! It's the Private Jokes Section 2...of DOOM!!!!!! ^-^ Hehehe...*flicks paper*

    comment asddfjkljfeic3 · Community Member · Wed Apr 22, 2009 @ 10:30pm
    <333 I feel special. And besides, you're actually fairly good at drawing. Trust me, the majority of the population on this planet cannot draw above the third grade level. You're way past that. :3

    comment -Willow the Whisp- · Community Member · Tue May 12, 2009 @ 03:43am
    I'm part of those people that can't draw!!!! WOO!!!! XD
    Hey Jaz, want me to draw a snake for you?!

    comment asddfjkljfeic3 · Community Member · Sat May 16, 2009 @ 02:37am
    Thanks David!
    Although your lies do not make me feel any better about how awful of a picture that is. ;D
    And Rory, you can't draw at a 3rd Grade level!
    Maybe Kindergarden.
    On a good day.

    comment Anti-Cute Animosity · Community Member · Sat May 16, 2009 @ 02:44am
    Psh~ You should just take the compliment. Or I shall give it physical form and make you eat it >:3

    comment -Willow the Whisp- · Community Member · Sun May 17, 2009 @ 04:13am
    How....Odd David?
    Eat your compliment?
    And how exactly do you intend to give it physical form?
    Or shove it down my throat?
    Your logic is flawed my dear friend. [/nod]

    comment Anti-Cute Animosity · Community Member · Sun May 17, 2009 @ 06:51pm
    User Comments: [6]

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