Name: Nova Hisakata

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Enhanced Human

Abilities (Physical): Classic Super-Human heightened abilities. Nova possessed the strength, speed, endurance and resistance to pain to pull off most of the stunts that could be expected from a young pseudo-demon. In high-adrenaline situations his physical potential increases to remain on-par with opponents and danger.

In all, it is generally accepted that Nova's physical capabilities are currently ten times that of a fit, healthy human male of the same age.

Because of the stress put on his body to maintain itself, he appears constantly younger than his age as well as shorter, with an incredibly fast metabolism.

Powers (Mystic): None.

Weaknesses: Holy energies immediately destroy the enhanced tissue in Nova's body, to the point where even moderate exposure can cause a chain reaction inside of him putting him out of commission for several days until he can recover. Because of the nature of his enhancements, Nova must regularly 'purge' himself of too much of this tissue with his own brand of medication.

Possessing no magic on his own, Nova can't do much to flyers or against higher-level magics.

Appearance: Not very tall, Nova is more muscular than lean but his smaller size tends to hide this. His hair is silver with a tendency to go 'blond' when he becomes sick, just as his green eyes tend to fade to blue under the same conditions. He possesses little body hair or skin pigment, something which has brought up questions of albino-ism in the past since he does not easily tan, but he rarely burns either. Nova often wears black gloves and has a strap constantly around his right wrist. His clothing is consistently 'modern' unless otherwise stated.


Possessions: His signature black leather jacket reaches down nearly to his ankles. He always has a lighter, his cellphone (with limited range outside of modern cities) and an orange bottle containing his medication. Nova's name is on the title for a great monster of a motor bike, but the requirement for gas keeps him from riding it too far out into the back country.

Weapons: He wears a 12-inch standard military knife/machete on his left leg strapped to the outside of his thigh. The heel and toes of his combat boots are reinforced with steel for kicks and stomps. While his gloves offer some protection while punching, he normally has a pair of knuckle-dusters on his person, with a steel plate attached to protect the backs of his hands.


As an infant Nova was forcibly removed from his parent's home by an occult group directed by a blood Spirit/Demon. This spirit, a female entity referred to as 'Mother', used her blood to physically change and control each of the members who became Nova's brothers.

Each of the brothers looked and behaved almost exactly alike, Nova included, as the Spirit's goal was to recreate her perfect 'son'. None of them received names but were instead tattooed with red numbers on the inside of the right wrist and the back of the neck just inside the hairline. Nova was the One-Hundred and Ninety-Seventh failure, deemed insufficient at ten years old when he came in contact with a kind Gaian woman who, after helping him, first gave him the name Nova and he responded to it.

The Attack
Nova's first contact with Warai Hisakata was shortly before the birth of the One-Hundred and Ninety-Eighth attempt, Nova's only younger brother. The werewolf was being held in the family's main base because of his magic and scientific knowledge. Several weeks into taking care of No. 198, the Minea Family attacked and wiped out the entire cell to finish a long-standing feud between the two.

The Spirit 'Mother' was vanquished and most of Nova's brothers died instantly as a result. As the two youngest members, Nova and No. 198 were left in horrible pain. When approached by the members of the Minea family Nova bolted with the infant in hand, only to be knocked down on the stairs. He lost his grip on the baby and No. 198 was instantly killed after falling down the steep flight. Nova was the last one left, and it was Warai who kept the opposing Clan from offing the boy, allowing him to keep his life.

Nova has remained with Warai for nearly seven years now. The werewolf is his adoptive father and has tired to undo a lot of the damage his upbringing did to him. At the moment the two butt heads most frequently on the subject of schooling, since Nova doesn't see a point in getting a diploma whereas Warai won't let him drop out of classes. Nova just gets expelled, most recently from Applewood Academy

Personality: A complete jerk and a bully, some of Nova's violent tendancies can be explained away by the traumatic events in his childhood, but the real reason behind it all is the fact that Nova just likes fighting and winning. The method to his madness comes from how once a victim starts to hit back, Nova will generally leave them alone. However until they clue in that two wrongs make a right, he can become excessivly violent and hurtful towards others.

In a dangerous situation such as an attack or rescue Nova will revert back into a more serious frame of mind, putting aside any in-fighting in favour of neutralizing the threat. He was taught early to be a soldier, so while he has a strong tendency to run ahead and do things himself, he won't let allies go down without a fight and will ask for help when he knows he needs it.

Sun and Moon Academy

Father- Warai Hisakata