So lets see, its been a while,
Today I went to the local middle school and DJed a dance but ofcourse we didnt have the cords becouse they were in our van which Nascar still has!
3 freakin mounths and we STILL dont have it back!!!!
They say we can go get it tomarrow, lets see what wrong this time *rolls eyes*
Well anyway theres only 8 days till our big dinner and im really scared becouse I has to give this long speach but hey, atleast I get my award!!!
I has a new friend and hes so awesome!!! His name is Mat and he is my Kitty, and no you may not pet him =_= < yes Reci I stole your face
The dress i has l makes me look fat T.T But oh well.....
so um... hmm.... idk what else to say so... I love you guys and ttyl ok?