The holidays have offically begun.

I can say that I'm surprised with myself. I am one to dread the holiday season, but this year I'm not. I'm not as freaked at the idea of spending the holidays alone now as I was a couple months ago.

I didn't fear Thankgiving as I did last year. The year before last was when I first started having problems with my depression. Now I feel like I have it pretty much under control, yeah there are still times it hits me, but not as bad as it was.

I can't wait till chirstmas!

The only thing I'm really not looking forword too it Snowball... its less than a month away and I still have no date, everyone paired off like it was psychotic ritual mating thing. John still hasn't said that if he wanted to go or not, but by now any moron could see that he didnt... Daltion's going with Ashley, I asked Isaac yesterday by Emmy already asked him, Robbies probably going with Rachelle, Phil's going out with Liz so he wouldn't go with me... everyone has a date but me. And I actually wanted to go this year.

Should have seen this comming, I never get to do what I want.