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Just Some Random Stuff
Drifting Winds, Chapter 2 part 1
Sven Direfang..... An azure scaled dragonborn warlord who strives to protects his allies in battle. However, he is quite a bit of an alchoholic. Played by Bidoof
Ziggy..... An eladrin BARD who once was a cleric but decided that the bardic life was better for him. He loves to sing and to play his guitar/mandalin. J
Dynamic Entri.....A tiefling warlock who is greedy beyond greediness. He also used to be the equivalent of a smalltime mafia boss. Played by DoubleNegative
Markas "Blade" Faryn.....A human rogue who likes to steal, but isn't really greedy. Dynamic makes up for his greediness anyway. Played by... me.
Grimnir Ironbeard.....A dwarf fighter who was once a soldier. He hails from the north and longs for the trills of battle. Not too much unlike a viking. Played by... Cthluhukittens
Mendoza....A gnome wizard with childish tendencies. Not much is really known about him.. he seemed to have just come out of nowhere. Played by FullofRage
???? ....An unknown character who has yet to reveal themselves... just who could it be?

Ryuk.....A hobgoblin warcaster who seems to be leading the goblins. Not a whole lot is known about him but it doesn't matter because he's dead now.

Chapter 2
Part 1

The next morning, the party was addressed early on by the wizards in the town. They were told that the sister town of T'sair requested help, so the task was offered to the adventurers. They weren't told much else, but the group decided to go ahead and see what would be needed anyhow. Once they stocked up on supplies for the six day trek, they made their way east.

The day went on rather unneventful as they crossed over the plains and headed towards the forest they were going to need to cross. As the day came to a close, they set up camp. Ziggy, being an eladrin needed to meditate for some time, but he would be able to stand watch for the rest of the night if needed. Blade took first watch with not much going on. Dynamic took the second watch, and he seemed to noticed something getting closer. But it wasn't harmful.

Once the bard was keeping watch, he began to play softly to himself. This seemed to attract some small creatures as a few things started to appear. They were too far into the dark to really be able to be identified however. Ziggy continued to play, and eventually one of the small scaley beings decided to try and take his guitar. This caused Blade to awake, and he soon noticed that the creature had taken the guitar. Quickly, he moved to steal it back.

Right as he took it, several more appeared, now seemingly hostile. They were kobolds, and a few of them had rather large spiders with them as well. The leader, a kobold priest was about to issue an attack, but Blade quickly spoke up to try and negotiate in draconic. The sounds of the draconic language soon woke Sven, which caught the attention of the little lizard men. After a bit of talking, Sven managed to convince them that the party were his subordinates and they would be willing to try and appease the god the kobold mentioned earlier on.

Things were still rather tense though, as the kobold were wary of these travelers that were in their territory. The fact that they had a tiefling with them was a bit threatening as well. While they were still on the fence about things, Mendoza awoke and tried to show their friendliness with a display of fireworks. However he shot the fireworks towards teh kobold which ended up startling the spiders they had with them. The spiders soon attacked the party, but the adventurers refrained from battling. Why? Because they didn't want to anger the kobold. And the kobold priest requested that they help bring the spiders back unharmed.

It was a bit of a struggle, as Mendoza and Dynamic ended up taking a few bites from the spiders. But before too long, the adventurers and kobold were able to restrain the large arachnids enough for the priest to quell them.

Grateful of the group's help, as well as the fact that they didn't injure the spiders, the kobold offered to ensure safety in their territory... as long as they were paid 500 gold. The party gladly did so. Before they went ahead to attempt to retire for the night once again, Sven and Blade asked if they knew of anything in T'sair. But seeing how the kobold don't really get news of the towns in the area, they knew nothing. However, a few strange occurances have happened in their territory. The spiders they now had as pets started to appear just about five years ago. Also, some strange 'dark folk' were around. They said the dark folk looked kinda like Ziggy.. only darker. But for now they have been trying to avoid them as they appeared be fairly strong.

Off of the description, the party could figure that the dark folk the kobold spoke of were Drow. Sven offered them help if they need it in the future. Not about to decline, the kobold priest told him that if he was willing, they knew were to find the kobold clan, when the adventurers did want to attempt to help deal with the Drow.

Blade Kuroda
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