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Kisa starts a fire and huddles down for the night with her trusted wolf friend, Anuk. "I think we'll just have to spend the night here buddy. There's going to be a snow storm...Trying to leave would be suicide. We'll just have to wait until it stops before we can try to find a way off this mountain." Anuk huffs. "I don't know...We SHOULD have enough food...I just hope anyone else out there is safe." Kisa soon falls asleep with Anuk on guard.

The morning rises and the snow is only falling slightly. Kisa quickly cooks a little of their food for breakfast. "We're running out...We'll have to start rationing the food if we can't catch something." Anuk exists the cave with Kisa following behind him. Anuk soon catches the scent of something and runs after it. "Hey!! Wait up!" Kisa runs after him, soon she sees him sniffing at the cliff edge. "Is there something down there? If it's food then I'll go down and get it." Kisa looks down to find a body laying on a ledge just a few feet from the cliff. Kisa looks down at Anuk. "You think they're dead?" Anuk woofs gently. "NO! If they ARE dead we most certainly WILL NOT eat them!" Kisa shakes her head. "Wolves...they'll eat anything..." She returns her attention to the person below. "HELLO DOWN THERE! Can you hear me?"

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