i haven't been on my gaia for a little bit so i thought i'd bring my blog up to date by pasting my last logs from my myspace smile

April 7, 2009 - Tuesday
welcome back
yesterday was the last day of lent, so i'm back again. yay me
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February 25, 2009 - Wednesday
ash wednesday
first and foremost, i'd like to wish everyone a happy birthday to whomever has a birthday coming up in the months of march and early april
i won't be posting greetings on your sites at this time, but i still wish you the best.
tonight at sun down lent begins. this year i had decided that i would give up my new blackberry for the whole forty days and nights. i thought about it for a while and realized that that one simple device didn't have enough gravity to make a large impact on my life. like last year giving up junk food, and the year before that giving up sweets. giving up those two main items from my "diet" have helped me in losing extra weight. a very positive thing for me. nods. so with that being said i chose to add giving up all internet use as well. swallows hard, i've never done something like this before, not checking emails or just plain being online to surf the web. honestly i'm a little nervous. loti i know i'm just being chicken but like i said this is something i haven't done. i know i'll be "out of the loop" and i'll be using the old school methods of snail mail to communicate. the house phone will still be on, however it will be on silent mode, so i won't think about it so much and also for just in emergency purposes. i had thought of going cold turkey from all electronic devices but that would prove to be too extreme for me. everyday items are used to help make life easier. and i highly doubt my family would appreciate living in a dark quiet house for such a long time. maybe someday i'll try the "natural" life style, like if i'm going to be in an old fashioned log cabin for lent. shrugs i'm still thinking about it.
in any case i'd like to wish everyone else luck on whatever it is that they're giving up for lent this year smile

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February 24, 2009 - Tuesday
seventeen months
my boyfriend broke up w/ me the saturday that past. he said he has a lot going on in his life and doesn't have time for a girlfriend. he said we should be friends. i checked my myspace today. i'm one friend less. so much for staying friends.