Couplets I wrote in school.
Chances are, you're probably not going to enjoy what you read.
I just thought I'd put them somewhere.
If anything, criticism is welcomed.


I'd rather be shot in the head;
Why must chivalry be so dead?


Must I feel such humiliating shame?
That all who welcome are those in a video game?


Time do change, taste always changes;
People conforming from all age ranges.

Are you Serious?

Plunging so deep into despair;
Must they be so trying to bear?

Always Changing

Perfectly draped, across her shoulder;
Always new, whenever I hold her

Wishful Thinking

Hips, cautiously quivering under my fingertips;
Waiting, anxious, magnetic, my lips.

Quick to Assume

Another remark, expecting the least;
What rumor created this terrible beast?

Giving Up

So much effort, only to ignore;
It will be the same, nevermore

He's right

Nothing to offer, and nothing to show;
What good when one ruins the flow?


Fill the decision, and swallow the accident;
Does one's mind change, before ending the torment?

Of course, I'll probably be adding to this whenever I write some more.
Sorry if some of them are a bit morose, I was probably down at the time.