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Juedz Journal A place for me to rant and rave about my favorite . . . and not so favorite things . . . and life in general . . .

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Another Day in Gaia
While I'm having a bit of a problem with actually playing the zOMG game, I'm having a blast decorating my home!

I discovered that one of the best ways to earn money is by doing the jigsaws in the insane level. You always get at least 500 gold, and sometime much more - and you can win prizes. Like clothing that I would never wear, or framed art, that was surprisingly not too goofy to hang on the wall.

The marketplace is fun, a lot like ebay, but it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to buy or sell. Great bargains.

Maybe that is one of the reasons this is so much fun. It satisfies my need to spend, without having to use my real money.

Another aspect of the Gaia community that I find interesting is how much they promote your creative side. It's a very positive experience overall.

This is so unlike many rpg's that focus on weaponry and violence - even if it's only pretend. I really like that. The only thing that's missing, for me, is a more magical aspect. I do enjoy that.

I would truly love to design and create a variety of items that can't be found here. Searching for items to fill my home, I found it somewhat lacking. I guess when you're an older player, while it's fun to play dress-up when you're 14, we older gals look for items with a more personal nature. For example I would love a Buddah statue. I would also love to be able to put books and stuff in my new black bookcase, but nothing will "stick" to the shelves. I also like that you can dim the lights for the ambiance, but when I do that, the bookcase just looks like a big black spot on the wall. I think I'm going to try book shelves to see what that will do.

Lighting is another issue. I do know that if I put a lamp on the floor near the bookcase, the light does spill onto it showing some of the shelves. Which is nice, but putting a lamp on the floor next to it just doesn't cut it. The lamp nearby doesn't spread the light far enough. Go to my house, you'll see what I mean.l

Anyway, will close for now. I've got some things to do.

Later . . .

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Sat Apr 11, 2009 @ 01:57pm

Haha, I've never played on the zOMG application in all of my years on Gaia. Yes, my account was created back when I was 14 but I kind of dropped it for a few years. I've just recently came back to it now that I'm 19 (going on 20 ._. oh the dread!) and luckily I remembered my username and password xd YEAH! Go me...

Either way; here's another hint at getting some extra Gold. Every time you post in a forum, comment on a profile page or add a new entry to your journal, you will get a first posting Gold Bonus. Although, keep in mind that repeatedly posting in forums, profiles and journals; the amount of Gold that you recieve will constantly decrease each time. So at the very least post at a forum (better go into the chatterbox forums and just post "Bump" wink you won't get flamed there), profile AND journal at least once each day. You get around 50 Gold for each first-post-of-the-day. Every post afterwards is approximately half the value of the previous post.

By the way, I was wondering exactly how much older are you compared to the average 14-year-old gaia user? >.>;;; Obviously I'm way over the average age sweatdrop

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E||!& M!(#@ud
Itsuki C
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Thu Sep 03, 2009 @ 09:05pm

I'm an older player, too. Although I'm not sure I really want to divulge my actual age just yet. I will say that I'm old enough to have two young children. The puzzles I enjoy very much. I have always loved a good jigsaw puzzle. They are the first thing that drew me to Gaia. That and my love of anime and the creativity you can have with your avatar. I totally get the "shopping" fix this website gives me.

User Comments: [2]
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