Well, let me start off by saying that I expect nothing. I just do this for the few of you that I know will try to surprise me with a gift or two. biggrin

Basically, again, since my main is currently unaccessable, I'm pretty much...broke. This means; no clothes, no accessories, no fish, no nothing.

And as such...I'm pretty much accepting anything that I may get. I do have favorite items, so here is a small list of basically anything I can think up.

- Gaia to give me Thornless Rose back. (This would be the best gift ever!)
- A Gimpi (any gen) so I can change my eye color again Eniii. biggrin
- A Bao (I collect them)
- April Monthly Collectibles/Letters (finally, an April letter in which the items don't suck!)
- My Three Favorite Items (Those would be in no particular order, a Ninja HB, OMG and AFK hats) <- If anyone gives me these (or any other huge item)...I will hunt you down. I do not need to be given such big gifts!

Basically, any donation at all (even if it's just a PM saying hello) is great. Again, anyone who knows me knows that I never get stuff for myself...it's so much more fun to surprise people with stuff they want! biggrin