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I made a story out of a song in his P.O.V

A personal experience? I have some, but there’s this one I remember real well. This is probably one of the things that I mostly regret in my life. I guess I should have never did it, but it’s my own lesson in romantics.

I woke up knowing it was “the day” the day I hoped that I would finally break that door to her heart, the day we would share our first kiss, the day that we could be happy, Valentines day. “I hoped” that we could, but it never did, never happened. I never knew what I have done wrong or why it has gone wrong.

I stared at the wall as the lights ponder in my eyes from morning the sunrise. It was Saturday, I didn’t really care, and for all I knew back then it was the day that I would confess my feelings. As I got up the smell of bacon and eggs frying on the pan lured me into the kitchen. It was my sister who was cooking.

“Hey heading out to buy some roses?” my sister asked me without even looking at me.

“Yeah I am.”
“After I eat breakfast however”

“Well to bad, you can’t have some of the breakfast I made for mom and dad.” She remarked as she place the eggs and bacon into two separate platters. My sister knew about my plan to confess to the girl who stole my heart. I grabbed two apples and quickly ate them. I also went up to change my clothes before heading outside.
The air outside was fresh as ever. Everything was perfect, the sky was blue, sound of cars as they pass by and robins chirp knowing it was Valentines Day. I walked down the corner where my friend’s family sells flowers. The sign in the store was written in bright yellow in a red text that says “Flower Shop” I went in her store, the fragrance of the different flowers was very soothing. She had different assortments of flowers and colors. I looked at Jenny. She was my friend from school

“Hey ken, what’s up”
“Roses for someone special? The Jenny asked. That’s what Jenny always called me even though it wasn’t my name. I didn’t mind however, she was about the same age as I and, her yellowish dress, long red hair, and her white pale skin was a perfect mix. I stared among the flowers and looked for the category of roses. There were many colors from the brightest reds to grays.

“Yeah, where’s your mother by the way?” I said as I looked around for the perfect shade.

“Oh, she’s at home,”
“She said she was going to get some more white roses be cause we ran out,” She said.

“Anri, what color would you suggest I should buy”

“I would pick the red ones.” She said.
Her face was happier than usual. I picked up some red roses and she carefully wrapped them with white tissue paper paid her 2 dollars.

“I’ll see you soon!” I shouted as I walked out of her store.

“Yeah,” I heard her said quietly “I’ll see you soon”

I walked to the corner of the street and scaled through the passing cars on the road, I walked to the Rite Aid nearby and bought a valentine’s card and a gift bag. I went back to my house and I scaled the purple fence that borders my front porch. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door.

The inside was cramp. On one side lays the boxes since we just moved 3 months ago, to the other were the kitchen appliances and in the center was a circular wooden table with 4 chairs attached. The smell of bacon was still in the air and, the plate where my sister has placed the table still lies there.
I went upstairs back to my empty room where only unpacked boxes and my bed remained. I opened one of the boxes and grabbed a pen and an old unread hard cover math book that I stole from my former school in Jersey. I opened the card and placed it on the math book then, I sat on my bed that didn’t even have covers and blankets only pillows, and wrote a letter. After that I attached the card to the rose and placed it on the bright pink gift bag that engraved the words “Happy Valentines Day” inside a red shaped heart.

I went up back down stairs to the bacon scent kitchen with the gift bag. That’s when I realized that I no one was home. I wondered where they are but then I saw the note. The note was a stationary with my mom’s handwriting, which said that my mom, dad, and sister went shopping to willow brook mall in jersey.
I didn’t mind that I was left alone. I liked being alone; it’s just the way I am. I went outside to the flower shop. Jenny wasn’t there anymore it was her mother.

“Where’s Jenny?” I asked.

“She is at the house getting changed for something, which I forgot what it was.” her mother said.

“Okay.” I walked out of the store the sky was getting grayer. I walked to her house reciting my how I would confess my feelings to her. I walked in a slower pace by then, I was trembling from nervousness and fear that she might not want my roses and confession. The sky got darker then, it was going to rain. Was it faith that rain would ruin my day, as the cold drops fall through my cold dark hair. I got to her house by then. There were dead trees around her block, as if the life and joy have been sucked away. I went up to her porch. It was old and creaky. I ringed her doorbell, an awkward silenced emerge as I waited for the door to open. Jenny opened the door; she was wearing a red tee and some skinny jeans. She stood out, as if she and I were the only one who was pulsing with life in the dead dark area.

“Oh, hi Ken.” She said. She got out of her door. And went out to the lifeless street. It was raining hard by then she didn’t care, her reddish hair was wet, and so was mine.

“I came here all the way to see you….” I stuttered. I sounded like a total idiot,

“Okay?” she looked at me confused,

“I w-wanted to give you t-these r-roses.”
“I… You…. Happy Valentines Day” I said trembling through the cold and through the nervousness in my veins. I reached out my hand with the pink gift bag with the card and roses on it. The rose itself was already wet from the cold rain.

“For me?” she said confused.

“Yeah for you…” I said smiling, hoping she would accept it.

She grabbed the gift bag, took out the card, and read it. The card was getting wet.

“I’m Sorry.” When she said those words, my whole world froze. Slowly I felt myself become part of the lifeless street.

“I can’t accept this. I have this date today…. I can’t, I’m so sorry,” she cried.
“I’m Sorry.”

“Its Okay, I understand.” I said, and there we stood in the lifeless street.

I was to late. I wish I had more time. I really regretted this memory. I really hate it. But this is important to me because it tells me next time I should be faster.

If I was faster. Would I have win her...would I...