-Yeah, here's another monologue for theatre class. This one is more serious (duh) & sort of depressing. Please enjoy.-

Serious Monologue
-Written & Performed by xXPumkin PrincessXx-

*Waits next to phone for it to ring*
*phone rings*
*anxiously answers it*
Hello? Yes, that’s me. Yes, yes. Do you have the—Oh, you do!
*long pause*
Ha! You’re joking! You gotta be!
Oh… oh… I-I see…
*long pause*
Yes… yes… yes, thank you, Doctor.
*hangs up phone*
*stares blankly for a moment, then picks up phone & dials*
Hello? Hi, it’s me… yeah, can you come over for a bit? It’s kind of important.
Okay, see you then.
*hangs up phone & waits*
*gets up & answers door*
Hi, come on in.
Yeah, I really need to tell you something. You might want to sit down.
*takes in a breath, then sighs*
Okay, here it goes.
Well, you remember that rash on my stomach? Yeah, that rash. Well, I finally went in to check it out a while back. The doctor took a look at it & asked me questions. I answered, she took notes, same old examination. She prescribed me some lotions & some pills. I went home, relieved that that rash would be gone. Well, the itching lessened… for a little while. Bad news, the rash grew. So, I went back to the doctor to get it checked out again. Once I was in the office, she checked it out again. We basically went through the same routine as last time. Only this time, she took a tiny sample of it. She told me that they were going to run some tests & would call me when they got the results. I waited & waited, continuing to take the pills & using the lotions. The rash grew even more, the itch growing with it. Well, they called today.
*long pause*
I have skin cancer.