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Gitchi Gitchi Goo
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(Add on black and white ears and tail)

Name: Mayumi
Age: around 16-18
Species: half demon + experiment
Weapons & attack power: Twin swords and an uncontrollable power she calls "Nimbus" where sometimes an aura creates around her causing anyone and everyone around her to attack themselvesUser Image Nimbus

BIO: Mayumi was born a half demon. Her mother was human and her father was a white tiger demon. Her parents worked in the field of science. One day, when Mayumi was around the age of 10, she was watching her parents work on some type of formula they had been formulating for years, they called it "The perfect weapon". Something had gone wrong and the pressure inside the vile increased excessively causing the glass to explode and all of its contents splashed upon Mayumi. Suddenly her eyes turned red and a dark purple aura surrounded her. The word "Nimbus" was written across her face in shining blood and suddenly Mayumi's parents eyes turned black and they grabbed shards of glass on the floor and began stabbing themselves. When the aura faded away, Mayumi returned to normal to see her parents dead. She later learned that this aura causes people around her to attack themselves. Mayumi has no control of this power but has found it to trigger most in the face of violence. She has been working hard and has found some control enough to stop it before others kill themselves. Now some years later Mayumi travels, making friends along the way, stoping enemies, and hoping to control her power one day, before she ends up killing another loved one.

Personality: Mayumi is a spunky, spirited girl who longs for adventure. She is very considerate and compassionate. Once she makes a friendship, she cherishes it forever and she is there for that person no matter what. She is outgoing and yet very shy at the same time. She can be very silly and comical at times. She sometimes struggles with trying to figure out life, seeing as she is faced with the many memories that deeply sadden her. But she doesn't stay down for long, she always finds a way to rise to the top and shine.

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Mayumi when Nimbus consumes her

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Servant of Judgement
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Thu Jun 04, 2009 @ 01:21pm

Kewl roleplay character Milly! ^^ I have one too, but he's not as cool as urs! (he's not the main character in the story)

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