:// MORE OF The stuff that you re hypothetical to say when you converse a propos yourself which is generally acknowledged in the about me section

In addition quote: [pl0x] People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "Reality".
- Uchiha Itachi

; I am raping the color blue.

; "Gaia is in a race to take over the world against Hannah Montana. Soon it'll be posing half naked."


; I am regrettably a fraction of the human race. I am a girl.

; I have fortunately survived on Earth for fourteen years.

; My blood compositions: Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish.

; I may perhaps be a fragile person at times.

; I don't know how to convey myself in the approved manner. That's one big, cosmic nod right there.

; I tend to procrastinate. It's good to surrender once in a while.

; I don't have an actual hobby.

; I get lost on my thoughts without doubt.

; I am cantankerous at some point. So.. BEWARE!

; I don't like it when people claim to know more about me than what they actually know.

; Loneliness depresses me instantaneously but I really like the feeling of solitude.

; I am a candid person.

; I've seen a pig get castrated. And it was horrid and vile and ghastly.

; I am somewhat demented.

; I hallucinate to be cold-blooded, in the literal sense.

; I collect: Game Items and drinks - - Zurg Energy Drink and Red Bino Drink.

; I be fond of picking on people. It’s always easier to assume the worst about someone than trying to figure them out. It’s been pastime since the beginning of time. Everyone is a subject of ridicule. Some are just more blatantly and publicly scrutinized than others.

; Too, there’s something about cheap honesty that comforts me. I guess it’s also because I’m comfy with all the crap in my life, so nothing really embarrasses me that much.

; My way is clear-cut and deceptive, stuff that are weird and fabulous or out of place to keep the whole give the impression of being looking like a serendipitous mistake. It’s “when bad meets good.”