Details for Boba's Art Requests:

Age: late teens/young adult
Height: tall
Build: slender and well-endowed
Skin: fair, not tan
Eyes: red
Hair: purple, long, and wavy
Expressions: Variable, you could do cute, sexy,
indifferent/neutral, or cold blooded stare

It's basically up to you! You have artistic freedom~

Please just keep the following in mind:

♥ She's a ninja assassin and the Death Whisper is
her sword (can either be mounted on her back or
held in her hand)

♥ You can draw her wearing the kimono only, if you'd like;
the black pants, socks, and shoes are optional

♥ Please don't forget the devil tail
(easy to forget since it's blocked by the fan)

♥ Keep the cherry blossom theme & color scheme in mind~

Additional references <=========================== wahmbulance
Individual items list
Pose suggestions

Since I have been asked about this... you can move the eye
patch if you'd like and put it on her head like this.

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