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Btw, the Masculine are gonna be referred to as dragons, like Feminine are fairies.
Just clearing that up. Also! Kresent's name was... well Kresent... >.> In the original stuff. She's Crescent in this one. Just throwin' that out there.
~~Castle Blossom~~

-A small group of Feminine forces are about to battle with a larger Masculine squadron. The Commander-in-Chief of the Masculine army is prepared to face Kutzu...-
Mark: Let's rock... Charge!! [He points forth with his weapon. The squadron yells, and then dashes forward... before a new scenario abruptly comes into play...]
[As the first small wave nears Kutzu's smaller force, they are pushed back by an invisible force-field that flashes a light purplish color as it is hit... The soldiers stand, puzzled by this. The Feminine do as well.]
Dragon Soldier: What's up?!
Dragon Soldier: 'Ey, what's the deal!?
Mark: You've gotta be kidding me! Wusses! You can't even face us!?
Kutzu: ...Mark... We're not doing this...
Mark: Well then who is!?
Energetic Voice: Wellllll, that'd be my doing!
[Everyone scans around, searching for the one who spoke.]
Energetic Voice: Oh! So sorry! Can't see me?
Kutzu: That voice... I totally recognize...
[A chao, mainly adorn with light purple Japanese clothing, leaps from the shield, practically appearing out of midair. She materializes into solidity, performing a front flip before she lands right in front of Mark, chuckles, and then back flips, giving her some space. She herself is lightly purple colored. Her eyes are deep fuchsia.She is wearing an array of magenta ribbons attached to her clothing, as well as a karate belt and headband. Her hair is natural brown, styled strait in the back, and various in the front, with a strand covering her eye. {Most of my characters, I'm tellin' you...}.]
--L A V E N D E R--
Kutzu & Rilia: [Both gasp, along with the rest of the group.] Lavender!!!
Lavender: Hey, boys! Sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to step off~!
Mark: What!? Who the hell do you think you are!?
Lavender: My name is Lavender, Phaze Guardian of Crescent, and you've gone a little too far with your field trip.
Mark: Urg--[Steps back.] Phaze Guardian...? I've heard of you guys...
Lavender: You have...? You would've dropped those nasty weapons by now if you've heard of any of us.
Mark: ...[Glaring at Lavender...]
Lavender: ...[Raises a brow...] ...
Mark: ...You know what...?
Lavender: [Places her hands on her hips.] What?
Mark: Fine. We're throwin' in the towel...
Dragon Soldier: What!? But Commander!
Dragon Soldier: We came so close. We can't just give in...
Mark: 'Ey! [Spins around.] I don't need none of you goin' all [Gestures.] "WHYYY!?" on me, alright? I just realized what stupid mistake we're making here...
Mark: This isn't just about territory or power anymore... Our planet is in danger. It took me 'till now to realize that...
Lavender: [Drops her arms. Quietly.] So... I guess it's true... Something really is disturbing the Eclipse worlds...
Kutzu: Thanks Mark... This isn't the time to fighting like little kids.
Mark: ...Kutzu... Don't get too comfy... This goes for all of the girlies in there... I declare an alliance with the... [Gulps.] Feminine...
Dragon Soldier: Has that ever happened before?
Dragon Soldier: Don't think so...
Mark: No, this hasn't happened before... But has our Soul Sphere ever been stolen before? No... It hasn't. And neither has this mass reduction of the Masculine... it's a pain...
Kutzu: But we have to... If we don't, like, who knows what Lea and Pryme could do?
Lavender: [Turns around.] K-Kutzu!? Did you say Lea and Pryme!?
Kutzu: Chris told us that Pryme came here from a different world!
Lavender: [Shocked.] Chris!? Chris is here!?
Kutzu: Oh--umm... I think?
Rilia: Weren't we supposed to... not mention...?
Lavender: My god... Lord Hideaki's prediction was true...
Mark: Chris? That odd lookin' guy?
Lavender: This situation just got a whole lot crazier. You! [Turns around.] The alliance? Good idea. No fighting while Naught's crazed Shade is here, she'll take advantage of the disputes!
[Something stirs around them... About ten Nightmares appear from the flowery ground. Half of them are Safan Nightmares, half are pixies. All have pink eyes.]
Dragon Soldier: What the--!?
Fairy Soldier: These things again!?
Kutzu: Looks like we've got trouble on our paws.
Lavender: Certainly...
Mark: What's the deal with these things?
Kutzu: Just give it to 'em!
Mark: Finally, this is more like it! Full assualt, everyone!
Kutzu: Don't let up, girls!
[The unexpected battle commences. Beams are fires from the weapons, blue signifying the Masculines weaponry, and pink signifying Feminine's. This battle doesn't take too long. Lavender stuns the Nightmares for everyone's offensive maneuvers...]
Mark: [Lowering his weapons...] That's all...? Hardly worth opening eyes for.
Kutzu: Totally. But like you said... Don't get comfy.
Mark: Hmph... I take it they've been appearing a lot more than a few times?
Lavender: If that's the case, then there's no point in waiting around out here. Let's get inside. Hurry!
Mark & Kutzu: Erm...
Dragon Soldier: ...We... Do we really have to?
Fairy Soldier: Do they...?
Lavender: Oh, right... The whole "never happened before" thing... We're more at risk out here.
Kutzu: True, besides, we have a boy in there right now. C'mon!
Mark: Fine!
[The Masculine wave follows Lavender and the small Feminine group into Castle Blossom... Two Fairy soldiers close the large doors behind.]
Dragon Soldier: [Glancing around.] ...Oh man...
Mark: [Shudders.] Ugh... Just neutralize me now, why don't you. Sheesh...
Kutzu: [Smirks.] ...
Mark: Wipe that look off your face, Kutzu.
Fairy Guard: [Watching from a higher elevation in the large foyer.] Whaa! Dragons!!
Fairy Soldier: No no! [Flies up to the guard. She explains the situation.]
Fairy Guard: Oh, I see... That's pretty drastic.
Lavender: Kutzu!
Kutzu: Uh-huh?
Lavender: You said Chris was here, right?
Kutzu: Well, like... Um... He... he could be? [Shrugs, smiling nervously.]
Rilia: Hmm... Maybe that strange looking girl knows where he went.
Kutzu: Strange look--[Realizes...] Oh... Oh yeah! She should totally know... I think.
Lavender: Hm? Strange looking girl, huh? Has he made new friends already?
Rilia: Who knows, he-he...
Lavender: ... [Staring at Rilia, suspicious.] ...You are sooo a Safan...
Rilia: [Gulps.] Oh! Gee, look at the time, I gotta go see what... people... are up to! He-he, bye! [Dashes into the royal audience chamber.]
Mark: Dude... who is she? She doesn't have a symbol or anything...
Lavender: ...[Laughs.] Ohh! I knew it...
Kutzu: You can, like, tell who that is right off the bat?
Lavender: Ray... What happened to you...? [Shakes her head.] 'Guess we should see what's up.
Kutzu: Hopefully the Fairy Princess knows about Mark.
Mark: Susie...
Kutzu: This is the first time we're letting the Dragon Commander into Princess Susie's chambers...
Mark: Why let me in? What's the point...? Lemme guess, you don't trust me...?
Kutzu: [Crosses his arms.] Why should I at the moment? Mark, I know you better than anyone in Castle Blossom...
Mark: Kutzu... 'Used to be one of my best friends. Now look at you...
Kutzu: Could we not get into this? Just because I'm a boy doesn't mean anything!
Mark: [Shakes his head.] 'Nough of this. We've been through the same old argument every time we see each other in battle. Never gets anywhere, and it won't now.
Kutzu: Then maybe you shouldn't have said anything!
Mark: ...Let's go already...
Kutzu: ...Hmph... [Spins around angrily, heading for the royal chambers.]
Lavender: ...Mark? ...
Mark: [Sheathing his weapons. He seems depressed] ...I'm fine... [Begins following Kutzu.]
Lavender: ...[Quietly.] Hmm... 'Wonder how this'll turn out as...
-In the royal chamber...-
Safiri: ...[Pacing the room...]
Slianna: Hey Saf? What's the matter?
Safiri: [Stops pacing.] Well... It's just I have so much on my mind... Why would Pryme and this Lea person do this to me...? I don't get it...
Celebi: [Still holding the Soul Sphere.] It's just what Lea does. I don't know how much Pryme got involved in this... But I am pretty puzzled. Why would Lea change your appearance like that? She specializes in... Well, putting it blatantly, changing boys into girls.
Slianna: That's over the line... Way creepy.
Safiri: [Falls to the ground, laying down.] Ugh... I look so weird...
[Susie, having been attending some business in her secret compartment, which possibly contains her favored weaponry, turns around.]
Susie: Gracious, I'm sorry to hear that you had to suffer neutralization, Safiri... But you are correct Celebi, how awkward, for Lea to focus on masculine neutralization...
Celebi: It really doesn't make sense. The same thing happened to Ray... 'Cept vice-versa.
[They hear a knock on the chamber door.]
Susie: I got that, dearies. You just keep that Sphere safe, okay?
Celebi: [Nods.] You got it.
[The Princess, graceful as always, makes her way to the door. She opens it... and then stands shocked... Slianna, Safiri, and Celebi lean in to see who has knocked on the door...]
Kutzu: Fairy Princess Susie! [Performs a courtesy. Rilia and Lavender do the same. Mark simply smirks nervously.]
Susie: Gr-gracious!! Kutzu... Mark's submissive...?
Kutzu: Totally! Mark? Show her your respect... Go on, you declared it yourself.
Susie: Hmm?
Mark: Right. [Approaches Susie confidently.] Fairy Princess Susie... I declare an alliance between the Fairies and Dragons... We shouldn't be fightin' in these situations... Lea's amok; she's already destroyed most of my army...
Susie: Oh my... An alliance? Well... I...
Mark: I know the conditions... Each leader must show the opposing their traditional sign, and... [Gulps.] Ah, man... Well here it is. [Performs a bow, however it is similar to a ballroom dancing bow, with one arm across his chest and one foot forward.]
Susie: [Gasps.] Commander Mark! You mean it!
Mark: Yeah... I figured it'd be for the best... But if I get my army back... then it's back to the good old days, got it?
Susie: I agree. [Recognizing the terms, she performs the Masculine sign: a firm military salute.]
Kutzu: Oh my gosh! This is history in the making!
Susie: If we've come to an agreement... please come in.
[The three step in, leaving the door open.]
Safiri & Slianna: Ray! You're okay!! [They dash up to Rilia.]
Rilia: He-he-he, what did I tell you guys? It's Rilia now!
Safiri: Sorry, Rilia!
Slianna: I'm just so glad nothing bad happened to you.
[Upon another conversation...]
Mark: 'Eh...? Kutzu, your odd looking friend has... friends...
Kutzu: Yep! Her name is Rilia, and the other two are Safiri and Slianna.
Mark: ...Damn, I've never seen that type of chao.
Celebi: That's 'cause they're not chao.
Mark: [Startled by Celebi, who was standing next to him...] Whoa--Sheesh!! A Creminine?
[At this moment, Lavender walks in.]
Lavender: Hello everyone!
Slianna & Safiri: [Both turn around slowly.] Whoa!! Lavender!!
Lavender: Slianna! S-...Safiri...?
Susie: Gracious! If it isn't the revered Phaze Guardian, Lavender! My, oh my!
Celebi: (Lavender!? What's she doing here!? ...When did she even get here?)
Lavender: Oh, you three... What in the worlds happened to you?
Safiri: We had some problems with Lea and Pryme... They stole the power of an Ancient Growth, and are trying to steal the Soul Spheres of this world.
Lavender: [Gasps.] Is this true, Fairy Princess Susie!?
Susie: [Nods sadly.] Yes, it is... But luckily, we have a strong and willing guardian of the Fairy Soul Sphere. [Motions to Celebi, who is a bit unready. She simply waves nervously to Lavender, holding the Sphere in one hand.]
Lavender: Oh... I don't think I've seen you before. Are you from this world, or maybe Safa?
[The room remains silent...]
Lavender: [Leans to Rilia and whispers.] Does she speak...?
Rilia: [Whispers back.] She, uh... um, she gets shy in front of powerful figures.
Lavender: [Whispers back.] That's kind of cute... [Outloud.] It's okay! I'm not going to harm you.
Mark: She said something earlier, I think... Susie, you placed a Creminine in charge of the Fairy Soul Sphere?
Susie: Oh, she's not a Creminine.
Celebi: [Holding the Sphere with two hands again.] My name's... Celebi.
Lavender: Nice to meet you Celebi! I'm Lavender! You can just call me Lav if you want.
Celebi: Nice to meet you, too! Heh-heh... (Again...)
Lavender: So! I've heard you know about someone named Chris?
Mark: Isn't Chris that person who saved Soren before, who wasn't from Soren, but from a planet called Earth, or somethin'?
Celebi: Uh, yes! That's him! I know him...
Safiri: [Walks to Kutzu... Whispers.] Hey...?
Kutzu: [Looks to Safiri. He whispers back.] I know... Chris is hiding it...
Safiri: [Whispers back.] I was just about to say something... I guess that's for the best, huh?
Kutzu: [Whispers back.] For now, it is...

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