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Journal and Homework
Some entries will just be to get myself writing, others will be copies of homework assignments that I feel are worth posting. Comments on typos and writing quality, as well as the content, are welcome. The ramblings aren't worth critique effort.
Prejudice Against Dog Breeds
.......If dog breeds can be compared to as races, as a separation of appearance and ancestry within a species, then aren't pit bull bans racist? 'Pit bull' is not even a recognized breed, and even Labradors are occasionally classified under the umbrella of 'pit bull'. Many of the most common sources of statistics rely on hospital records; and expect the human that was bitten to know and be able to differentiate between breeds. Sometimes it is the history of the breed that is blamed for this prejudice. I believe that breed bans are unjustified.
.......A Denver, Colorado ban against 'pit bulls' starts out listing three specific breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The ordinance goes on to include "... and/or any dog with a majority of physical traits of one or more of these breeds...", as stated in a news article on the American Kennel Club website. This ordinance has forced many people to either send their dogs away, or to euthanize them. The city and county have taken and killed many dogs with this ordinance as backing. Killed, based on a vague and racist ordinance; this seems like persecution to me.
.......The breed bans are based from statistics, usually acquired though reports and hospital records. I can't imagine a grown man reporting or visiting an ER because a Pomeranian tried to guard a couch. A bite from a Chiwawa in a leg before it was kicked it away might seem insignificant to an adult; a child sitting down when attacked could be inflicted with serious facial injuries. An article from the Vancouver Sun sums up my opinion on topic of why prejudice against breeds is pointless, as well as stating that Cocker Spaniels are tied for second in attacks that cause a hospital visit. English, male, Cocker Spaniels are allowed to be shown only weighing up to 34lbs; making these dogs generally much smaller than any Rottwillers, and breeds categorized as a ‘pitt bull’.
.......Dog breeds start when a need for a specific type of dog for a specific duty is needed. Staffordshire and Bull terriers were bred to be aggressive, to fight other dogs. They had to be well disposed to all humans so that they could be examined and separated by even the opponent's handler. However, that does not mean that their personality is that of others of the same breed, past or present. Just because many humans enjoy killing, doesn't mean that we are all born and desire to a disposition to being aggressive to dogs doesn't mean that they can't be socialized and taught how to interact properly, even if it may take more work.
.......In conclusion, just because a breed or dog size isn't dangerous does not mean they should be exempt from the rules of large breeds. Large dogs have the body that makes it easier to harm other dogs and humans, and they can be trained or neglected in training so that they become aggressive. With the stereotypes, comes a different treatment. The way we treat these dogs changes, and sometimes this can be negatively, causing those same dogs to reinforce the stereotype. Each dog is different, each breed has different characteristics, and they are all good and useful in their own way if given a chance. Why does a country whose laws are so much against prejudice, allow rules that massacre the family companion of a law-abiding household?


“Banning pit bulls would be pointless because the breed does not exist” Vancouver Sun; August 21, 2008; link

Dobson, Roger; “Sausage dogs are the most aggressive dogs” 05 Jul 2008; link

“AKC Represents Dog Owners in Challenge to Denver Breed Ban” July 30, 2008; link

A good place to go if you want statistics based on a walk-in-the-park test:

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