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Journal and Homework
Some entries will just be to get myself writing, others will be copies of homework assignments that I feel are worth posting. Comments on typos and writing quality, as well as the content, are welcome. The ramblings aren't worth critique effort.
.......Seasons of the year affect how people think and act. Each season has a different mood associated with it, like a stereotype. Spring is a transition away from winter, full of new life. Summer is warm, the end of spring, and the opposite of winter. Autumn, full of color, a last stand before death and the transition into winter. Winter is cold, bleak and grey, while snow purifies the world. These are the four seasons.
.......Spring is excitement; excitement from winter ending, beginnings of warm days and getting to wash the dog. Spring is a time for birth, from the bulb flowers peeking out in late winter, to animals coming out of hibernation or back from migration, up to late spring when there are young birds, little raccoons fighting with the big ones, and fawns lost in the road. Spring sometimes steals a few days from winter, which are rarely ignored or wasted. Spring signals the start of summer, a transition season from winter to summer.
.......Summer is stereotyped as happy. School is out for k-12, no ice on the road and more time with daylight. The days go from warm to hot and the air from stormy to just humid. In winter and Spring Summer is much talked about and wished for, yet in the later weeks of summer it is autumn that is desired. Summer is green from the spring, yet wilts from heat and fewer rains. The summer green lasts much of the season, but eventually gives way to the colors of autumn.
.......Autumn is associated with color, anticipation of nearing holidays and death. It transitions the happiness of summer into the stereotyped bleak grayness of winter. Just in time to ward off the sad feelings, thoughts of the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the ones welcoming winter’s solstice, keep us busy. Yet when we look around, we can’t help but see that the leaves have died, the plants we spent summer nurturing are barren or missing, and that so many of the animals that create white noise have taken their leave. The death of autumn will linger on for a while, and this is well known and understood.
.......Winter is typically only even considered welcoming when summer reaches temperatures of 100F. It freezes in death, forcing it to stay for more months. Yet remembered most by children is snow, the snow that falls, coating the area, purifying their world. Snow is magical, from the ‘shh’ sound when it falls, to the difficult mix of temperature, precipitation, and preconditions required for it to occur. The cold months, the lack of motivation to go outside, and the sudden realization that other people live in the house aren’t blanketed with the white pureness. Stereotyped as bleak or depression, which is reinforced by cabin fever, wishing for summer, or even spring, becomes understandable just a short month after the start-of-winter holidays. Winter can be summarized as death preserved, covered with a light and easily blown-off blanket.
.......Hypocrisy is wide spread. Heat brings hope of cold, short days; and those cold days bring dreams of hot, humid, and light-filled days. The truth is not that the year should be shorter, or that we as a society complain too much, but that all of the seasons hold value. From the death of autumn, preserved by winter, to the new life of spring and the playfulness of summer, we need them all. This cycle teaches us the value of life, even short, to enjoy something while we have it, and that even if something appears pure what lies underneath could be anything but pure. The seasons of the year are merely climate caused by gravity and the sun’s heat, yet it constantly affects even our deepest emotions.


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