Okay, its been nearly two months since i've posted a blog. So, I thought i'd update you guys. Not much has happened. I just wanna know one thing: If all cells must come from another, HOW DID THE FIRST 'EFFING CELL GET HERE!? Yeah, i wanna see Mr.smarty-pants-science-teacher answer that one. Hmmph. >.> Anyhoo, Heres the quick layout of whats been happening in my life: my sister went to the hospital, my brother got arrested, I brought my grades up[whoot], my mothers boyfriend is still a jerk, Mrs. Konkel needs to suck a fat one, and i finally updated my blog. Not much. :] Well, i'm feeling lazey, so i'm going to stop typing now. and for those of you who actually read this thing, Thanks. biggrin