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MOUC's Journal
All sorts of crap here! Mostly stuff on Roleplaying Characters, but some Sh*t on my life!
The following is a description of my most advanced RP character, William Wilson. It's a big long read, so if there is anything you cannot understand, PM me.

William Wilson

AKA: Stan, Julius

Age: Different throughout RP's, but I tend to keep him at 18-17.

Appearence: Pale and emiciated, resembling a skeleton. His eyes have sunk back into his head giving him black shadows under his eyes. His hair is long and shaggy, as he never bothers to tend to it. Varying in Rp's, he may have developed muscles which display slightly, but he is still pale.

Attire: He enjoys wearing filthy, unwashed clothing - most of the time it's an old white undershirt, combat trousers and a black hoodie.

Image: (Not Anime) -Picture 1- -Picture 2-

Bio: A permanantly thin, dangerous-looking boy, William stared his life in an anonymous School in a town called Grimsby.
William was raised up like a parents dream: brave, polite and gentle by the age of 6, he was regularly adored by his parents, neighbors and, generally, every adult he came into contact with.
When he was led into school, he never had the slightest idea of what to expect from the children he was surrounded by.
Long story short: it completely shattered his naive mind. In his words, he "was a stupid, innocent kid, thrown into a - a cage with a bunch of sadistic maniacs."
Every single day, he was bullied by people who were alien to him: they spat, jeered, hit, bit and tortured not only him, but each other. He was not physically harmed, but what his polite, gentle mind saw was more than painful: it completely destroyed him.
He commited his first murder when he was just 8 years old. Knocking out a bully after a brutal fist-fight, he dumped the unconcious body down a well and claimed that he had fell in while attacking William. The authorities believed him.
Years later, when he was 15, another event triggered which would change him forever. William was still clinging onto the hope that he was a good person in a bad world - but he realised how decadent he had become when a school fire resulted in the deaths of almost every single student in the academy due to electrical problems. Rather than feeling pity, as he thought he would, William loved every second of watching the burning of his enemies.
It made him a pyromaniac.
When he left school, William Wilson was never kind, polite or even remotely attached to anyone again. He talked to himself, had regular outbursts of rage and commited self harm, until finally, he hit the big time.
He brutally attacked a former school mate, ripping the boy's throat out with his teeth.
It was the most savage, bloody attack most people in the area had ever known, and it led to 2 years in a mental institution.
Upon release, William acted as if he had been cured.
In reality, his mind was still a tempest of rage and confusion, forever chewing away at his broken sanity, as he sluches around scowling and mumbling to himself, looking as if he is about to murder someone - in fact, he probably is.

Personality: William is completely indifferent to death - he claims that things like torture still shock him slightly, but he cannot see the act of killing in any way wrong at all.
Beneath a emiciated, leering and seemingly evil exterior, William desperately clings on to the hope that there is at least some good in the world, while outwardly acting as hostile and as cynical as possible. When faced with a person he perceives as like him - weak and naive - he adopts a completely different personality: he becomes quiet, shaky and even tearful, jerking himself away in apparent terror when he comes into contact with them. This is because his mind is incapable of seeing anything other than misery in these people - suffering and despair at the hands of a primitive, sadistic society.
Though he does his best to hide it, he is desperately lonely, which sometimes shows as he tries to draw people into his perception of the world, hoping that they will show some sort of pity or understanding towards him.
Other than this small group of people, he hates generally every human he sees, claiming that they all deserve to burn.
Through his experiences in society, his only wish in life is to live a life of solitude, completely isolated from a world he percieves as cruel, terrible and mind-destroying, and it's people who confuse, enrage and often terrify him.

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