gaia character journal

its been a while hasnt it.

anyway since its spring, everything is growing like my rare poka titan tree, isnt it grand

now since its spring, School is ending which means my next AAS (advance academy of sorcery) Finals are coming up

now im going to use this time to describe school. there are 4 basic classes and 2 electives, the for classes are potions, biology, history, and wizardry. now wizardry is separated even farther. depending on your magic class depends on your teacher, there are 4 teachers for each type, each one teaching a different form(the forms are shadow form, spirit form, element form and mystic form) and they basically tell you how to use your magic. other than that, the other classes have mixed types. here is my schedule

Per.1-Potions-Prof. Virus
Per.2-Biology-Ms. Seducta
Per.3(elective)-Drama-Mrs. Avian Stein
Per.4 Wizardy-(water magic, dark form)Mr. Monkey D. Lucian(his name is remeniscant of someone)
Per. 5(elective)-Magic Art-Mr. Evelar
Per. 6-History-Mr. Kogayoshi

now i need to go out to fight monsters, i hope it isnt raining, ill bring an umbrella in case, hope you enroll today and see you soon