This friday we have a spirit day at my school, and since we have uniforms these no-uniform days only come once every 3 months or so. I was really un-excited about neon at first. (no taste, i mean really) but now that im resigned to it, I am determined to dazzle day after tomorrow. I'm dying my hair and I'm not sure whether it will be neon pink or neon green, but I have a green polo shirt and a jean mini with a green belt and im wearing pink leggings and pink armlets and i have both green and pink headbands. I need to pick up my hair dye today or tomorrow. Oh, and I have a sleepover with Carolyn that night and we're going to the school's volley ball game and to a dance and we're going to practice our duet for the school talent show, for good from Wicked. *Pant, pant* Ok. That was really fast. whee Now you probably think I'm nuts. Oh well, its not that far from the truth. whee See you next time, Jess heart