hello gaia, how've you been?
long time no speak.

so apparently i'm trying to do well in school, TRYING, but whatevs. i'm tired of school. it doesn't interest me but there's no point in dropping out, only 20 something weeks to go.

SO, i have a job now, i think i've mentioned it in my previous rant. coldrock, ftw.
i love work, its fun. bashing up ice cream is just soooooooo.. i was going to say relaxing but no. just it' good okay! gosh!

half yearlies.. so. english, art and modern are done. all that's left is maths and legal studies, the two i feel least confident about. well i was kinda freaking out for art and history considering i don't have the greatest teachers...0_0 but no, NOW i'm crapping my pants about maths because .. i dont ever know whats happening. i'm going to fail so baddly, how embarrassing and LEGAL oh HA geez. well i know what specifically is going to be in it so i'm not THAT worried sweatdrop s**t, i'm screwed. it's only half yearly exams... T___________________T /wrists

ANYWAYS, on a happy note. christopher guiterrez. have any of you heard of him? well he's a writer, he writes online blogs and has a few books out. well he is in australia and guess who met him and hugged me. yes! AHH *squeals like a fangirl* and i'm seeing him again tonight ^________^ so excited!

so after failing my math exam i'm going to buy a new desk : D and then i'm going to set it up, get cleaned up, meet up with people, buy australian iconic things and be on our way to the talk session. i'll probably buy like 39320 of his things cause he's amazing and deserve so much more than what he has now. he is amazing full stop.

so i'm pooped... i think i might sleep or maybe read through the maths textbook again. c_c 2:15am. eeep >.<

well PEACE! keep it real