So since the last entry Ive made a new friend^^ Yay!
Hes really nice^^
I actually got the nerve up to ask out 3 guys at school and got rejected three times, that sucked but eh who needs those assholes.....
Ive been really into a band called Oomph! there really cool^^
ummm... IVe already done more then 500 hours of comunity service this year! OMG thats alot >.<
And April 28 is getting closer and I still dont have a dress>.<
lol oh well ill find one!
ummmmmm We finally got our Van back from the angels right and on the drive home the check engine light comes on GAR!!!!!!!
Things around the house are the same as usual, Me and john fighting jessie and john being lovie>.<
Oscars always around now too which is cool
um.... hm.... I cant really think of anything else to say exept as usual, Thank you Tim and keep smiling or else lol!
To everyone else Il love you and I hope to talk to you soon oh and dont forget to comment! heart