This is the intro to my favorite story, which has probably been reworked more than anything else I've ever written. This story began in a sixth grade class, was lost, and is now finally being written as I feel it should have been from the start. The character, Ryusho, is an orphan in the city of Inferno, the capital of the Fire Realm.
He walked through the crowd in the street, and they parted before him. Some stepped out of his way in fear, their eyes focused intently on the ground at their feet. Most moved aside out of respect, heads slightly bowed. Others still stepped aside from gratitude, bright smiles lighting up their faces as they saw him. Regardless, they all moved aside.
They parted because of his appearance. He was nearly six and a half feet tall, and stood above everyone in the crowd. He was not heavily muscled, but he radiated strength. On his back rested a huge sword, Naza'ereveth, a weapon that few could lift at all, yet he wielded with ease. Air shimmered around him, as if from a great heat, and was tinted the lightest shade of red, which seemed to lightly color his blond spiky hair. His gait was confident and strong, as was he. His dark red vest bore scratches and cuts, but his skin held no marring marks.
They parted because of his reputation. A strong fighter with unmatched skill. A generous guardian with unequaled compassion for those worthy. A relentless enemy of any who sought to harm those who sought his protection. A man who was undefeated, an undisputed king of the run-down, decrepit part of the city known as The Dragon's Loft.
They parted because of who he was. The leader of a group of fighters known as DragonStorm. The defender, protector, and of all the Loft's inhabitants. A warrior who could use fire itself to enhance his attacks. The man who had kept criminals and troublemakers out of their lives since he was first able.
They moved aside because to do anything else in his presence was unthinkable. They moved because he was Ryusho, King of the Loft.
Ryusho is my only character who just radiates power and strength, making him appear elevated above nearly every opponent in his path. This strength comes from his heritage, his father being a red dragon who first forged the Fire Realm from the Barrens. The warrior does not posses this knowledge though, and is not aware of how others view him, and acts quite normal.

Still keeping this around, even if I have changed the story (again) to the point where I can't use this in it.