This March Break was way too busy. So much that I was kinda glad that I was forgotten about today, because I didn't really want to go out. I just want to stay home and roleplay. Is that bad? ._. Maybe...

Except today I was punished for a while because I gave my friend some of my mom's chicken wings. As if I would actually be punished for something like that out of everything that I've done. Stupid?

So I just played Kingdom Hearts. I'm at Hollow Bastion already. That might be the end? If so that was ... pretty quick actually. I like the second game so much better. I finally borrowed Chain of Memories from Wes though so I'm onto that one next! Hurraaayyy. I know nothing about Chain of Memories so it's gonna be pretty exciting.

Oh oh Wes also got me Tales of Destiny as a super late birthday gift! I dunno why, he just insisted. I'm happy though.. I mean, that game is so hard to find. He said he was just happy that the games I want are challenging him rotfl. I feel bad when people get me gifts though when I don't feel like I deserve them...

So after my KH binge I'm going to play Tales of Destiny. Hell yes Leon Magnus! And Stahn's Yahoo! XD And some girl who looks kinda like Eternal!

I love Tales games soooo much ♥

Anyways yeah, so for St. Patty's day I got thoroughly drunk with Azzy, Aaron, and Christie. Brandon was there but he didn't drink with us. I drank more then anyone and got sick three times, and made a general idiot of myself. Thankfully my friends are awesome and took care of me. Then I swore I wouldn't drink again and I hate alcohol.

... I bet I will probably drink again. I'm Irish for christ's sake. ._. It seriously can't be helped. Not that I even drink often anyways, just once in a blue moon.

... for some reason I remember dancing about zombies, though god knows why. >.> Zombies...

So yeah right now I'm in a roleplay fight! Dimitris x Kaname, who will win?! Then no matter who wins, Axel will have to fight someone! Is someone actually gonna die here? But Dimitris can't die y'know. O.o Oh noes. What will happen?! Excitement galoooree.

I think I'm just gonna pull an all-nighter today. No sleep, no sleep, la la la la la! (Lion King reference ftw?)

Jordan's having a fish party on Saturday and I'm invited, so I guess I'll be looking forwards to that. It means that my tomorrow is now completely open, too! I really hope I can get lots of roleplaying in. Wrap up the Eternal was Kidnapped Saga. Hopefully she won't get kidnapped anymore. xD She's not supposed to actually, if I follow my storyline correctly.

... I wonder when the final curtain will drop, though...

Oh hee hee, that's kinda a spoiler! ♥

I should really get started on that picture I wanted to do fairly soon. The tavern will be at 400 pages soon and I wanted to do back on page 100. Some different regs now, though. Though I won't exclude Taku because it's not his fault he's not around.

Anyways that's all I guess for now. I'm gonna miss having time off when school starts again though, yeesh. I gotta go to school though. I'm such a freaking dumbass most of the time sometimes...

I wonder I wonder if things are alright the way they are... when ever I want something to change though I always lose it. Sometimes even when I don't. So should I just continuing like I am, and not reach out? Probably. I guess. Some part of me wants to know if it's okay, though.

... Better if I don't for now.

Well, that wraps this up! Ciao! ♥