[Italics show memories. ' &- That mark shows thoughts. " &- That shows dialogue.]

Starting Anew

“Get them! Kill the TRAITORS!”
‘So loud…why is this happening?’ she thought. She could hardly think, hardly move. She looked down at herself as she felt a sharp pain. All around her she could only see what was once white stained by red. The surrounding snow, once beautiful, was defiled with…her blood. Her eyes widened. She had not realized she had bled so much. The pain was getting worse; her vision was blurring.
“Lumière, run. Lumière!”
A panicked voice called to her and seemed to have been for a while.
It was absolutely fierce now. She looked up to find the source and mumbled, “Who—?” Her sentence was cut off as she gazed forward to see her parents eyes fixed on her injury. They were absolutely terrified. Seeing them brought her back to reality. Her parents were still fighting. They looked exhausted. Lumière could hardly move. She watched helplessly trying to remember what was going on.
Her parents’ eyes focused on her again. Her father screamed in a fierce voice that she did not even know he possessed, “Lumière, go! NOW!” Her mother spoke next to try urge her further to meet their wishes.
“Lumière, escape while there is still time! We can handle them. We are your parents after all. We will not die so easi—…” Her mother froze. Blood trickled down from the corners of her mouth. Her eyes lost the luminosity that all of their kind carried. In a moment of lacking focus, her body had been pierced by a blade. After a second, her killer drew out his sword and revealing a gaping hole in her mother’s chest. She fell to the side and was motionless.
Lumière stared at the corpse unable to think, unable to move, unable to feel… ‘No…’ Frozen tears fell from her eyes. She made no effort to stop them.
Her father fell in a rage as result of seeing the murder. His love killed in an instant and he could not save her. His blade swung in a fury. Blood splattered all around him as he slaughtered his opponent. What he failed to notice was his own blood. The only thing in his mind was the image of his wife’s body lifeless on the ground.
Stab. Gash. Stab. Another stab. Another gash. He fell. His body covered with wounds, deep and shallow. His eyes faded, his expression still fierce. A puddle of blood surrounded him…he stopped moving.
She looked toward the deceased. An unknown force was growing within her. Before her, both her parents lay dead.

Her eyes shot open. She was so stiff. Her vision hazy. Her chest felt heavy, unbearably heavy. Then she remembered, ‘That is right…my parents died for me, in front of me and I did...nothing…’
Her eyes grew dark gray. The typical shinning moonlight appearance gone. Where was she? What happened? She looked around her seeing only ice then closed her eyes as the full memory returned. She would have done anything to be able to stop it.

“Do not let her escape!”
A group of what appeared to be around 35 approached. There was a lust for blood in their eyes triggered by witnessing the murders of the parents.
When only inches away, Lumière still felt that force growing. She rose to her feet, only barely managing to then look directly at those surrounding her till her eyes centered on the leader, the Fire Lord. The force built immediately. She realized it was rage, an amazingly powerful rage. Within the next second her hair shot up and moved wildly. The wind circled her and drew the snow with it. Without realizing she was morphing the soft snow into shards of ice. The intensity was amazing. The enemies tried to get near but could hardly move. Had Lumière been able to think normally she would have wondered where it originated. Only moments ago she was barely able to stand and now…
Following her hair were her eyes. They became pure white. Her expression was emotionless. She was only barely conscious yet her power was still growing. The blizzard being formed held back her enemies still. Through it she could hear their voices though they were barely audible and obviously frustrated.
“We can not let her escape!”
“The king needs her dead!”
“Hurry men! Kill the one who would be Quee—!”
Before the last one even could finish, the blizzard died down. Lumière had vanished.

Her eyes opened again. She felt strong now yet so weak. “I’ve escaped the world long enough,” she admitted to herself. She tried moving and knew the effort was futile. With her impatience she gathered energy instead. She still struggled to think. What does she do now? With that, the ice in front of her shattered. She burst through, and landed softly. Her half-inch heels made a soft tap and she heard movement outside. It stopped instantly she felt no reason for caution.
The injuries from back then were now fully healed. How she wished the same could be the case for her parents…She felt herself ready to break down, but knew this was not the time. ‘Crying would never fix anything anyways…’ She used this reasoning to keep herself composed. She looked over her body. The injuries were gone but on her already light flesh were marks. They were wounds from the battle. She brushed her hand over her arm. ‘A permanent reminder…’ she thought. She shook her head. She knew she was fine so getting obsessed with scars would not do her any good. She filled herself with a new goal. Her eyes sparkled with a dark beauty. What she wanted…revenge. Filled with a new energy as she knew what she needed to do, she headed to the front of the cave.
“You’re finally awake?” a deep yet very familiar voice asked hopefully.

Regretfully Reunited

She felt a chill, which was odd for someone like her. ‘He’s here? No, how could he be?’ She knew the voice, but searched for the source now regretting having ignored the sound of movement from earlier. He was nowhere in sight. “Where are you?” she yelled. A small desperation hid within her voice.
“Not so loud. You’re still wanted you know.” She turned around and there he was, floating a few inches above the ground. “It’s been a while.”
She didn’t move, but just stared. The dark beauty in her eyes was gone. Now they stung. Her throat was dry. She opened her mouth, about to speak but closed it. She did not know what to say. What could she say? Who she faced now was the man whose life she ruined. ‘He’s still here…’ Her expression became sullen suddenly. ‘Oh no…’ She knew what she had to ask, but did not want an answer to. “You were here…the whole time?” He smiled and his eyes glowed.
“To think I’d ever leave you…it seems you have forgotten much about me.” He said teasingly. Their moods conflicted, yet he failed to notice. More than anything, he wanted to see her smile. More than anything, she wished they never met.
This was the same man whose life she ruined in an instant. One moment, one for a passionate kiss, and he ended up an enormous dragon bound to the ice. She remembered. She promised never to forget. Unlike the case with her parents, she needed to remember. She needed this guilt. She disserved it.

“Do you think our relationship will ever be recognized?” He looked away, turning to the sky as though he searched the stars for answers. They were at the base of Mont Blanc, the mountain on which Allure’s would be home resided, on this beautiful star-filled night. ‘Can it ever be?’ He looked down after that thought. He wished she could give him hope as he felt his own was slipping.
She knew what he wanted to hear. They seemed to know everything about each other. All they did was talk until tonight. She could not grant him such a gift though. She could not bear to lie to him. “I doubt it...”
Shocked, his face jerked towards her, clearly distressed. “After two years, you must know how deeply I feel for you, how much I care for you, how—" He paused, and his face softened. He placed his hand on her hand while feeling a cold sting. He had grown used to it, come to accept it. He knew what she was, but that changed nothing to him. If anything, her odd abilities only drew him more to her. He mumbled hesitantly, while gazing directly into her eyes, while drawing closer, “How undoubtedly I love you…”
Never before had either said those words to the other. Her eyes widened and shone brighter then ever before…ever imaginable. He took that as enough. Before she could speak, he placed his lips to hers.

‘Love can kill…’ The words echoed over and over in her head. They always did when he was with her. The guilt took over, was overwhelming... ‘I caused my parents death and…ruined his life.’ That was it. She collapsed. For nearly a minute she was still. She had not realized what happened and why he looked so scared. He rushed towards her. ‘Beautiful.’ She would never dare confess how she loved him more in this form. It was stunning, but it was because of her. She knew it was not one that pleased him. But, why then? Why did he stay around her, follow her? These questions plagued her mind constantly. Overwhelmed with emotion she failed to hold back the tears from earlier. ‘How could he…still love me?’