-Here's the first part...-

"Are we there yet?" Arthur dared to ask. Ford sighed & spun around to face his friend. "No, not yet. Please stop asking--" "But this is the first time I've asked!" Arthur interrupted. "Well, I know you were thinking it before, so stop thinking it." Ford replied, spinning back around. That's where the conversation ended.

If you were wondering where our dear Hitchhikers are heading, it's rather exciting. They had heard news from Zaphod Beeblebrox that Earth had somehow regenerated itself into a new planet. Ford wanted to make sure it was true so he could add to his revised section of The Hitchhiker's Guide, while Arthur was excited to get home, finally. I'm really looking forward to drinking some tea in my home again... Arthur thought to himself.


"Argh! Where are they?!" She asked, her thumb raised high in the air. Her bag was thrown over her shoulder, packed. She had short salt and pepper hair, but she was in her early 20's. She tended to wear a different hat every time she got ahold of one, & wore a long, black trenchcoat. She wore a long, striped scarf, which somehow seemed to always wave as if it was always in the wind. Her eyes changed with her emotions, but most of the time they tended to be gold with hints of silver. This 'she' was Jaquline Moody.

Jaquline Moody's home was located somewhere in rural England. She lived by herself now, except for her spotted cat, Moo. Moo had an odd taste for a drink known as coffee.

Anyway, enough about her home. She was trying to get out of there. She had a bad case of Cabin fever & she needed a cure, fast. So, one night, she packed her things, ate a quick sandwich with her tea, gave Moo the crusts & some coffee, & ran outside, her thumb up in the air.

She was a Hitchhiker. It was in her blood. Her father was a Hitchhiker as well, but she hasn't heard from him in ages. For her first birthday, he left her three things: A unique hat he had bought at an Earth convention, a green bath towel, & a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"What's taking them so long?!" She asked angrily to the sky. She didn't even know where she was going or who with, she just knew she was going. "C'mon, hurry u--" That was the last thing she said on Earth as she was sucked into a random wormhole that just appeared above her.


Zwoosh! Zwoosh! The door opened on a hatch entrance to the Heart of Gold. The alarm went off for a brief moment, saying "Intruder! Intruder!", but then they calmly shut themselves off with a yawn.

Arthur yawned, stretching. He wondered where Zaphod heard the news about Earth. The thought simply made him smile. Slartibartfast… He thought, realizing what the old man did.

Just then, a depressed mass of clanking metal trudged into the room. "I'm sure none of you care, because I don't, but something has boarded the ship…"

"Something, Marvin? What is this something?" Ford dared to ask. Arthur perked up a bit, hearing about the new arrival. "Isn't that what I said? Whatever… it's another one of them…" Marvin replied, monotone, pointing a lazy finger at Arthur.

"A-Another one of me?" Arthur's eyes grew wide as he pointed at himself. "Another human? Then the rumor about Earth must be true! Darn, I guess I'm out 10…" Ford sighed, staring at a monitor.