I got in a fist fight yesterday. This b***h pissed me off during lunch so I came up behind her, grabbed her by her shoulders and yanked her out from her chair. She jumped up and hit me so i grabbed the chair and smacker her down with it. Security grabbed me and knocked me to the ground. She TOOK MY BOYFRIEND FROM ME! my stepfamily mom was pissed and yelled at me, I laughed. That little skank deserved it! So my stupid fake a** mom who needs "neccessary" surgeries every year on her playful stuff is going off on me cuz i spray-painted her house. She might send me back to my actual house. Heeheehee at least i wont have to hear them "in the mood" sorry if this makes no sense,
you have to know her to realize how "fake" everything on her is scream scream scream