Sesshomaru was making his way from the portal. Traveling from his world to this one always made him annoyed. It was another thing that he had to go through every time he had to come get her. The trip wasn't particularly long or difficult, but it was annoying, and left a strange feeling in his head. He had learned to ignore it, but it had to happen every time she decided to be difficult.

Experience had taught him how to make his way through the school grounds, and to stay out of sight of the students without much effort. It took him no time at all to make his way to the correct room. When he arrived, he used his extremely sense of smell to determine that his target was indeed in the room, but also that she was not alone. She had her friend with her. Jason. Whenever he had Jason to pick on, he felt better about himself. Besides, they had a special.......connection....that only lived through the bickering that happened whenever they were within 10 ft of each other.

When he heard the word dog, he knew he had been noticed.
Of course the pup would notice. he thought.
A shuffling inside the room told him that the 2 inside were now alerted to his presence and that attempting to stay unknown was pointless.

He heard a nervous "Who is it?" It was Jason attempting to be strong. To some people, this would be considered courageous. To Sesshomaru, it was annoying.

"Open up this door, Jason. I know she's in there." Sesshomaru had hoped that with this simple command, Jason would be scared off. For a second, he though it had worked, but then Jason made a comment back about him being early. He tried again.

"Jason, open this door, or I will open it myself. Then, I will see to it that adulthood remains an impossible dream for you....." This threat was a little more forceful, with a hint of threat.What he heard next reminded him that he was talking to a brave, stupid, pup.

"What? Can't a great and powerful dog demon lord like you open a damn door?"
This came through the door with a distinct sound. It was cocky, loud, and focused. This meant that Jason was feeling safe with the door between them, and was actually talking into the door in an attempt to assert himself. It wouldn't be long now.

Sesshomaru sighed deeply, and tested the door lightly. He determined that it could be pushed open, even with Jason's weight against it. He pushed Jason often, and knew that he weighed little to nothing. He put a foot behind, and shifted his weight onto the front one, pushing the door open, and throwing Jason for a loop.

When he heard the yelp, and the weight was released, Sesshomaru entered the dorm room to search for his target. Raven was no doubt hiding in some small corner, or in a cabinet somewhere. He began his search in the commons area, noting the sights and smells of the dorm. He had to admit to himself, he enjoyed the space. It was warm, and comfortable. He didn't really keep much company as a habit. Walking through the common area gave him access to all of the doors for the side rooms. He stopped, and looked around carefully to take in all parts of the scene. Finally, he picked up something that pointed to a room, so he walked back to it. Walking in, he noticed a few signs of a scramble. Lingering a little, he hoped, would panic her a little if she was in that room. Then, he walked out to stand in the doorway of another room.

When Raven exited the door cautiously, it was easy for him to grab her around the waist. She couldn't put up a struggle, she was too small. Her mild struggle was controlled by pinning her closer to himself quickly.

"Time to go." he remarked with a smirk.
He loved her size, though it was obvious that she thought otherwise. He chucked her over his shoulder for easy transport, and was about to leave while ignoring her comments and a futile whack with a newspaper. He began to wonder where the pup had run off to. He knew he was a wimp, but....and then Jason reappeared close by. From what he could tell, they had clasped hands in an annoying, dramatic scene complete with dramatic speech. The only part that became a problem was when their grip tightened, and Raven got pulled out of Sesshomaru's grasp. When he felt that he was going to drop her, he readjusted himself just in time to catch her inches away from the ground. Though he didn't stop her legs from hitting, he prevented a complete face plant.

Sesshomaru admitted to himself that he had just held her too loosly, and resolved to simply hold her closer to himself to prevent another spill. When he did this, however, he created an awkward situation that effected the air around them both. It felt frozen, and suddenly empty. This was what happened when 2 people who felt the way that they did became strangely comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

They sat there for a moment in a flushed state. Sesshomaru himself had a strange color to him, though it was extremely faint. He didn't feel it was going to end, yet feared it at the same time.

"Um....I'll just go and....get my things....." put and end to it, and Raven rushed off to get her things. Sesshomaru was so shocked and confused that he didn't even hold her back. He was confused not with her, but with himself. Was he sick? Was he tired? Was that Jason again?!

Jason walked right up to Sesshomaru with a certain air to him. He had succeeded in getting to Jason, which was always a back goal whenever he came to this time. When he said he had something to say, Sesshomaru tensed himself to intimidate. Jason began looking a little nervous, but then put his hands together and formed what he called and awkward turtle. Sesshomaru felt a strange mixture of sick, and annoyance. Most of all, he wondered....what is an awkward turtle?