I have no one to roleplay with at the moment. So I'm going to write a journal for the hell of it. >.>

Last weekend was quite busy for once (well considering how things have been lately). Me and Chloe went to the mall together wait for Azzy (who couldn't make before we had to leave) and we shopped around and were crazy together until we got a drive back to her house. Then we hung around for a bit before we went to get Chinese together down the street, then brought that back and ate at the table together. Then I watched her play KH: Chain of Memories remake while inking a sketch I had done the other day.

(ALSO THAT DRAWING IS DESTROYED NOW. ******** ink smudges. I was so pissed. It was cute and I was going to put it in my Gaia sig.)

We also had watched Kenny vs. Spenny for a bit while her boyfriend was over for a brief time (she is so abusive to him O.o) and that was pretty cool.

I fell asleep on the couch, then woke up the next morning semi-early to book it to the mall to meet Azzy. I drew on my DS while I waited for her and Brandon. Then we had a pretty enjoyable hunt around the mall looking for masks for the Formal (we found none) but I got a totally kickass Japanese chicken teriyaki meal.

We got back, I ran home took a shower etc, then went back to Azzy's to get a ride to the Formal. It was me, Az, Brandon, and Julia there. (SINCE MASON DITCHED ME >.> I made him regret not going.) Turns out we didn't really need masks anyways, though I had always wanted to attend a real Masquerade. -.- Shoulda known our generation would be fail. The hall was decorated nicely though and we danced almost the whole night. I almost died though since I was wearing heels. But at least I looked sexy. XD

Then afterwards we got a cab to Timmies, had coffee together, and then dispersed to go home. I wanted to roleplay but no one was really on. ;_; (It was also 3 in the morning by then) I bugged Ricky over MSN and listened to musics and drew I think.

And that was my weekend! Wa-hau!

And now tonight I'm going to see Watchmen with Wes, Colin, James, and Pat + maybe others. I will report in about how it was, though Azzy says it was really good so I think I enjoy it. Haaa I'm all pumped up and happy today. Yesterday was so horrible too, so I'm glad to be in a good moooood.

I also have a terrible craving to play Kingdom Hearts again thanks to the fact that I've been roleplaying with an Axel lately. I'm going to borrow them off my friends, since I'm lame and don't own them ... yet. -.- And I was gonna buy them this one time too, but I think I spent the money on something else instead. I really can't wait for 358/2 Days though - I have a DS now and I gotta save moneys! Also Roxas Roxas Roxas!

Eternal out for now! ♥