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Sophia Maxwell
^~^ Sophia Maxwell ^~^
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Gaia Name: QiChiro
Aliases: Phie
Race: Oxia
Enthic: Greek (African decent)
Age: 19
Age Turned: 17
Sex: Female
Power and Abilities: Water: Any forms of it basically, she can use perspiration within the air to even sweat off of her or her opponents brow, since water can be harvested or gathered from just about anything, she is never without a weapon.
Telekenisis and Phyfing: From moving objects or molding some metarial and forming it into another object, so long as it has iron or steel, it is under her control.
Air: The "invisible" element. As an Oxia, she can natural breathe under water, but it can alsp be used as a current, and since it does cover temperature control, she had no problem with summoning a hurricane or some storm.
Every once in a while she may cause a drought or maybe chop off a few heads here and there using small currents.

Skills: Weapon Craft
Shape Shift:
From her human form, into an Oxia, or a Serpent
Siren song
Mind Reading
Fortune Telling
Communication with Predators

Bio: Sophia was taken when she was but a babe by a sea nymph and a follow of Calypso, the water Goddess around 500 B.C
She never knew her parents or family, and did not need too, she never missed them nor did she harbor hatred for the Sea Nymph that killed them.
But what she yearned for, was to lead a 'normal' life as an immortal.
Hermes was paying a visit to the Goddess one day, and against her 'mother's' wishes, she followed the Messenger through his own portal that would lead him into Olympia, but she was human and did not have rights to travel to such a high place, so instead she was shot through time and space.

It didn't take her long to adapt and find some people to take her in since she was only sixteen at the time.
She had made friends and had a new human family, but as wars dragged on, she ran into a Kitsune Hayu, QitiAyome, a girl who always smiled.

Seeing this girl, and following her around her state to explore, she yearned once more for the life of an immortal.
She learned to fight in combat, sought out a teacher so she could learn the element of air, even took up telekinesis by an old master whom Qit had appointed.
But it wasn't enough.

3 years, Kit disappeared, and life for Sophia became extremely normal, and after 3 years, her best friend came back, cold and hard.
She was normal towards Sophia, but to everyone else, she wouldn't even glance at.

She is the type to meld her life with her friends, and some how she managed to persuade Qit into telling her story, and she did.
About her knew absorption abilities and the knowledge she had.

Sophia would have burned with jealousy, oh how she wanted to have these adventures and not worry about her human weaknesses, but Kit explained the side effect when she used absorption.
An ability which erased or re-awakened the abilities and emotions of her victims, had turned them into creatures she called the Oxia, Greek for viper.

Without a second thought, Sophia begged and pleaded for Qit to change her.
Kit knew that it was what Sophia wanted, and so she did.

And she embraced everything about it, she was 18 at the time, and turned 19 when she had absolute control.

She did not mind feeding on the blood of others, because all she had to do was kill them, all she had to do was remove the heads of her victums to prevent creating more creatures, who would be insane because they would not have a soul.
But she was only the second one created, the first had made enemies of her best friend Qit, and wanted Sophia dead as well.

She loved every dangerous part of her life! Her immortality, and her ability to change others like her. All she had to do was insert her venom inside of them and resist the urge to feed.

She was not like a vampire, which suited who, because those who was turned by her, still retained their heart beat.
But those whom she fed from and did not have their heads removed, were the living dead who would feed until they were killed, or their source ran out.

After years, her dream had finally come true.

Although she has three forms, she still takes on her human form most of the time, and her Oxia form when takes a bath or goes to a city that had other races, the only thing she hates, is when others confuse her for Naga and not the newly created Oxia.
500 now live with another added every hour.

she carries a sword, and because any scale from a reptile or dragn can meld with her own hide, she took special care in making its sheath with dragon scales and even using it as her own armor.
The sword holds many properties, and it can even transform into a whip upon her command.
From time to time, she may summon a snake to help her, for they are her constant companions when she is traveling

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commentCommented on: Mon Mar 09, 2009 @ 11:45pm
Woman, you had almost three months for it to be a year!! eek You almost broke the record! XD

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