[[Wrote awhile back, but it still stands true]]]
Current mood:a ton mixed together (I know the feeling now)
I've always been updated on all the drama going around. The recent heartbreaks and the people pairing up.

I'm never part of it though. I wonder what it's like to have seven emotions rolling threw your head all at the same time.

I know what it's like to feel anger. I think everyone does.

I know I get angery easily and lots of kids that go to school with me think I'm wierd or going to kill them...

What you guys don't understand is that I'm a person too, yes I have anger issues, but I work on those. Now if you ever want to walk up and talk to me that's cool! I'll probley find it weird at first then be like "Whatever" and talk to you!

No matter how mad I get I am a good person and I wonder why people can't see that.

If you're my friend I don't let anyone hurt you, you know that. I have lots of friends. I go through a lot every day, day after day.

Some of you might think you're doing nothing wrong, but if I yell at you for mocking a retarded (Hate that word) person it's because my sister is one.

She's D.D and can't do much. She has the mind of a 5 year old at 21.

I don't want your sympathy I just want you to understand!

I'm protective of what I have and keep it close. If you threaten the thing I love I get angery and when I get angery I yell and threaten. Get me mad enough and I'll actually do something.

Just understand, I don't want to scare people. I just want to protect the things dear to me.

My heart has had a wall around for awhile. I don't like getting hurt, if I could I'd wish away all of my emotions exept happy and other good ones.

This year in 9th grade I promise you that I'll try to be more open. I'll slowly work on taking down the wall around my heart.

Just give me time, it could take awhile.

And if you ever need to talk, about anything at all. I'm here for you. I'll listen and do my best to help.

And if you're ever being bullied? I'm your girl smile

I hope you better understand the confusion that is Jessica J.