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Welcome to Gaia!

My name is Pandaramic--Panda--and I'd be happy to show you a thing or two about earning money on this site. So, do you accept my offer? You can also add me as a friend if you want to. Yes I'm only fifteen but, I"ve been on Gaia since '06 and hey, I can help you out. ^^ I like to help out new people, but please do not constantly ask me for items or gold. Thank you!!

Earning gold:

1. Do not beg.
+ People hate that because that just makes people seem desperate and more of a noob than they already are. If your nice to people you'll most likely be donated to (Can't promise anything.)
2. Post in forums.
+ When you post in the forums you earn a variety of gold. First post of the day is 50 gold (I believe if memory serves me correctly) and other post can range from 4-10 gold. You can also bump in these forums or enter giveaways (We have alot of those lately).
3. Sell items.
+ If you have not already purchased a vending license you should. Go to the Community tab, click Marketplace, then my store. If you have any unwanted items that you want to sell then you can use this or go to 'shops' (under 'World' tab)
4. Leave comments on profile.
+Leaving comments give you gold as well.
5.Daily Chance.
+At the top right corner of the home page there should be a prize grab machine. Give it a click and you can earn anything from gold to trash--which you can give to me.
+The Daily Chance can be found on any tab below your avatar, but it can only be used once a day.
+This feature can also be turned off. Go to your Profile Settings tab--found under My Gaia-- and click on your preferences. Scroll down to Daily Chance on your right and click on disable; Save. Ta-Da!


1. Customizing profiles
+ You can go to or you can make your own. At tektek you can browse profiles that many users on Gaia have created. When you like a profile you click it and copy the code.
+ After copying the code you would place it under 'Themes' (located under 'My Gaia' in 'Account'. Click 'Theme' and paste it in the box.
2. Signatures and other
+ You can also customize your signature, about me, and other things by clicking on them. You can put anything you want in them (as long as it is PG-13 and under.)

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