I stole this from Azzy! ... Thought I should do one for Eternal, so here ye are~

Roleplaying Information:

Name: Eternaldusk Malin'Are

Age: Elven to human translation is irritating, because the age I picked for Eternal doesn't correspond with Azzy's at all. XD So I'll just say in the past she has the appearance of a late teenager (17-ish year old) and in the future she's about 25-ish or so.

Race: Phoenix Elf

Subrace: None

Martial Status: Single and unwed


Appearance: She has long bubblegum-pink coloured hair that reaches down to about her knees, and large emerald green eyes. She gives off an air of both elegance and cuteness, and despite her graceful stride she can be quite clumsy sometimes. What she wears varies day-by-day usually, though she leans more towards pretty dresses, mostly of the renaissance or Victorian types. She's usually wearing a crown of some sort, and almost never goes without typing ribbons in her hair - one on each side of her head. Sometimes she keeps tiny, golden-tinged wings on her back, which are in fact not fake, though they have the ability to expand. She smiles more often then she doesn't.

Personality: A kind and gentle person who can sometimes surprise people with an underlying fiery temper that emerges when provoked. She's the former Princess of Nevyan, having run away from her kingdom, although she still retains her title out of respect and acknowledgment of who she is.

She doesn't have many people she is very close to, so she values her friends above her own life. She will almost always go out of her way to comfort a person who's feeling sad or in trouble, and do whatever she could possibly do to help. Besides that being in her nature, she feels a dutiful inclination towards it.

She's naive sort of person, but will respond to most situations in the way a normal teenage girl would. She spends a lot of time dwelling on her emotions and would never betray what she believes to be true, just, and worthy. Sometimes she can get a little spicy when her patience runs out, though.

Her birthday is October 17th (I can't remember why I picked this date), but her favourite season is the late spring.

Her favoured colours are gold and green, which is reflected in her wardrobe.

She enjoys pastries and nuts with almost an un-natural passion.

She loves to sing and dance.

Also due to her phoenix blood, she able to converse with birds.

She hates cooked eggs, anything cruel towards innocents, her friends or birds, and
when others get too protective or condescending of her.

... That's because she doesn't like feeling like she's worthless or incompetent.

She gets far more annoyed with Streeas then she does with anyone else. Poor Streeas.

She had been in love with Thertos since she was just a small girl, getting to know the Twins for the first time.

She's frightened of her own Phoenix/Goddess form, and she doesn't have much control over it.

She's a fair hand at magick, though she's been searching for a new tutor that would be able to expand her repertoire. That being said, she is not so good with weapons, though she almost always carries a rapier at her side in case of emergencies.


... thought I had to throw that in there, though I'm totally not saying anything else in case particular people actually look at this.

Her best element is Fire! Because well, she's a Phoenix.

She's pretty good at Wind, too.

She is quite bad at dealing with men, and gets shy veeerry easily around them. She's had like no romantic experience, mostly because she's never really gotten close to anyone. Thertos always loved her sister, and Eternal just plain doesn't like Streeas that way. (which always kill him >.> wink

Speaking of which, her adopted-sister is Azure Wolfane Starwish.

... that's all I can think of for now. I may add more things onto here later as developments continue.