I decided it was about prime time I made an update here, since I haven't in a while.

... I don't have anything to really write about though. Uh, roleplaying has consumed my life for the past two weeks or so?

Not that it hasn't been good. I mean, it's been the greatest distraction ever. Ever since I've been roleplaying I haven't thought about certain people at all! I've been able to focus so heavily on Eternal's life that mine doesn't even matter.

... is that really a good thing though? I'm ... not sure. >.>;

But if it can help me to forget then I'm glad. -.-

I haven't done much besides hang with Gab a little bit the other day. It was fun since I hadn't seen her in so long. We just hung about, and she played on her laptop, our WoW account expired and she freaked out, I watched Shawn of the Dead and got to see a person get eaten alive by zombies... good times.

Except I missed school the next day, so eerrr yeaaah. -.- But oh well. I didn't miss much really. Gabby came over and cleaned my room, since apparently it was that bad. I don't really get why, I liked it the way it was. ._. But I have to admit, I did need to vacuum. ( Is not a neat freak at all =w= )

I got talked into attending Formal by Azzy. I don't really have anyone I like (that ISN'T taken) that I can ask, so... I just decided to go with the safe approach and ask Mason to come with me since we get a discount if we go as dates? XD Mason wants to dress up as a chick so we can be lesbian lovers. Rotfl he's a nutbar.

I'm also going to his house tomorrow. It should be fun, we always have fun there~ ♥

But I'm totally going to miss a whole day of roleplaying. z.z Oh well, I'll live, I mean really.. god, when did roleplaying become so important to me? Stupid thing! It's sucking me in! Pretty soon I'll become too attached to the people I'm roleplaying with, and god knows how dumb that is... not that they're not my friends already... they're cool people...

... waaiii I love you guyssss... >.>

Though sometimes I miss the days when I had more of an irl life. -sigh- 'Course this is my fault. Me and my hermit ways. That also gets lonely easily. Wtf is wrong with me.

I SHOULD WATCH PRINCESS TUTU AGAIN. though I'm reading Fullmoon wo Sagashite right now... My brother is annoying me and being too loud... I'm really tired for some reason... I just want to roleplay with certain people.. but they're not online... T.T

I don't think has been very healthy for me.

But I am going to the movies the Tuesday after this one coming up with Wes, James, Colin, Pat, and... some other people apparently to watch Watchman (haha) and I'm looking forwards to that.

That's about alllllll. Hopefully next time I write I'll have something more interesting to say. >.<