my second post! biggrin
this post is all about our Junior and SeƱior Promenade ..
our prom is held in BLUE LEAF MCKINLEY HILLS last February 25, 2009
as we all know, JS Prom is one of the most memorable part in High School life. They always saying that, if you will not go in that said event, you lost a half part in your life. I don't think so .. =] Our prom is Free. Some of the expenses in our prom was answered by our city Mayor. Our prom is a MESS .. know what? the organizer didn't prepare a love songs for the sweet dance. HECK! The 3rd year and 4th year Students was very very very bored! is it because the songs are all ROCK! Hello? we are wearing gowns that time and then they only prepared that kind of songs. what they want us to do? DUH! evil and the foods, it's delicious but it's not enough =| the rice is so very very little. just like the foods for babies blaugh but the prom was, ahm.. NO COMMENT
just want to share it with you :]