i ended up going to anberlin. going there i thought it was just a uni day thing but SILVERSTEIN, FINCH AND CHIODOS PLAYED AS WELL!
i got smashed so baddly but i don't care, i'm still recovering it from it.
i stayed at the front until a couple of songs into anberlin until i almost died so i pretty much ran out cause i was scared of being lifted out. but it was worth it. i got out and i was drenched but while i was standing out at the back i saw aaron from underoath upstairs and stared at him (: my hair was disgusting and drenched from everyones sweat, as well as my cardigen and shirt (:
we didn't get home until about 2 or quarter to 2 actually. hahah

THEN i was so tired the next day at school, PLUS it was a full day so im freaking tired and i have to get home and get ready for underoath then i find that one of my friends can't go so i'm freaking out because i dont want 50bucks going down the drain so im asking anyone basically even people i've never met in my life until a friend he called up hi ex girlfriend, who has a very nasal voice i might add which was annoying, anyway yes but she hasn't paid me yet.. grr
well i was tired, then we saw matt good from fftl and he held a 'corey?' sign and he did it and i met one of my friends friend whom she met on the internet. matt good was nice, i wanted a picture with him )': anyways. THEN i find out under 18s arn't allowed on the floor, i am totally cut, the only reason i wanted to go was to get smashed and butt raped but NO and the merch table was in the over 18s section so i have NOTHING and fftl got kicked off early but underoath were amazing, spencer had said a couple of words which hit me. i'm happy i've seen them live, chris is a crazy crazy man and tim is a little gnome. hahaha. i couldn't sing along cause i was so tired and didn't want to loose my voice because i have work. lame.

OH btw, i got the job at coldrock, well.. im assuming i did :3

yes! so underoath = awesome. i really wanted a shirt, im so devastated

i found out this morning that playjerise were playing for free today but i had stupid cambodian dancing.. hfshfdsoufdsi

well im tired. i have way more about the gigs that i could write about it but whatevs. so peace. i'm tired. ^___^