feb.18/2009 its been a hard day. had to make a very tuff chose had to spicy down i am so tired and so sad had to tack some sedatives jest to sleep after battling 12 houes to try and help him. cry cry

feb. 19/2009 still the lose is felt around the house the dogs are quit and all is pretty still got him baryed so at lest he was able to stay home in a way. confused confused cry

feb 20/2009 sunny is still verry sad but her eating has inproved so i pray that she is getting better this is her frist loss in a long time. the phone guys sad we had to move spice so they could fix the line i finly got resolved enuff to get it dug out after they had left 2 hours and its all set fot them to fix it any more trubles from them and they will have hell on there hands,thank god this mess has not set sunny back i hope she will be ok. mad sad