Suicide and Sunshine

Alone in my dark room
I reminisce the summer.
A time when I was truly happy,
When I was not a loner.
But now the snow has fallen,
Our eyes, both a shade less blue.
Dear, all I seek is company,
May it be her, him, or you.
Alas all I ever told you
(And all you told me)
They were lies.
You gave me cakes and candies,
Then left me there to die.
I held my hands out wide open,
And a new fly did crawl in.
The summer is not over,
It’s just lying in its coffin.
If you ever loved me,
Of course you’d understand,
Why the spiteful spider
Took the naive fly by the hand.
So as a conclusion to this sad little tale,
Before we close the curtain and the audience does hale.
I must tell you a sad secret about the conditions at this time.
It is never fun here, cause can't you see, dear,
I'm coming undone; this is my last run.
Goodbye, so long, this is my last song.
Close one eye and bite your lip,
I nail your coffin shut, and mark your grave with R.I.P.