dea 1:
Erik sitting on a couch and my head resting on his lap looking up at his face. We sit this way forever and I lay there and listen to his day.

Idea 2:
Erik and I laying together on a blanket under a moonlit sky on a blanket staring at the stars. We do this every once in awhile and its really a time when its quiet and we just lay together and listen to the world.

Idea 3:
Erik carrying me around . I always hop on his back or put my arms around his neck and turn my body sideways hinting that I want him to pick me up. He's very strong and muscular because of his current job so I take advantage of that.

Idea 4:
Us standing outside in the woods or on a beach about to kiss. What can I say I'm a sucker for cheesy romance pictures

Idea 5:
Erik cuddling with me and slightly sitting up in bed looking at me while I sleep because since he works nights I go and spend the weekends with him. I often go to bed earlier then him of course and everynight he always cuddles me to sleep. If he doesn't when I'm at his house I cannot sleep at all.

Idea 6:
I wold love a Cosplay one of Erik as the Phantom and Myself dressed in the dress worn in the movie for the song "Past the Point of No Return". Its my favorite song for Erik and I to cuddle, nibble, make-out, be giddy, and act goofy with. I would love to have him Embracing me from behind very much like in the movie when the Phatnom is singing with Christine

Idea 7:
Erik and I as chibis looking very dorky in dancy poses dancing around to "I like to move it" by Real to Real. It was in Madagascar and that was our favorite CG movie for this year so I would love us dancing around to that song as chibis'