the night was cold. he calls to me. its raining now as well. putting my paranoia behind me as he draws near. just seeing him sends chills down my spine. he comes closer, so close i can feel the heat radiating from him, yet far enough away to be out of arms reach. i try to speak, but it gets caught in my throat. he reaches out to me and at first, all i can do is stare at his hand. part of me screams on the inside to run. to run and scream for help. but the greater part of me longs to take his hand and go with him wherever it is he wants me to go. i hear his voice, yet his mouth never moves,"don't be afraid, come with me."
"i can't," i respond aloud,"but i want to." "then come to me love," he tells me,"you can no longer keep away the desires of the soul." i had no idea what he meant, i wanted to so bad though. if only to understand him, just once. i know who he is, yet he was a stranger in my eyes just then in that moment. "i will come with you," i say finally, and with a smile, he takes my hand and it begins.

he takes my hand and pulls me to him. being as i only come to his chest, i can hear the steady beat of his heart, but barely over the sound of my racing heart. "why does your heart beat so persistantly?" he asks with a laugh, his mouth moving this time with his words. "i will not hurt you love, what has come over you as of late?" he inquired. "i'm not sure to be honest with you," i begin,"only that you always have this effect on me, i'm not sure why." he laughs. the most beautiful sound in the world is his laugh. "well," he says,"i guess love will do that to you."
he grows serious for a moment,"i really do love you, dont ever forget that." all i could do was nod my head and say,"i love you too." he lets one arm free of me and tilts my head upward. the rain is no longer a slight drizzle, but a downpour from the heavens. he looks into my eayes and i become lost in his. the moment seemed to last forever, lightning and thunder in the distance, yet so close. he kisses me. this moment was over too soon. he holds me again.

that was the night my world caught fire.