Chapter 3

As Emily was driving, thoughts were coming to her mind. "I cant believe it! Im finally going to see John." Emily thought to herself. Other stuff came to her mind. Would he still have the same feelings for her? Will he remember her? Will he keep his promise, the promise that he made a couple of years ago? Will his grandmother be ok with her staying there? So many questions went through Emily's head. So much, her head started to hurt.
After a few hours, Emily was now in North Carolina. Somehow, she felt as if she was already home, but thats because the one she loves lives in North Carolina. Just as Emily drove over the border, that was between Tennesse and North Carolina, she said out loud," Dont worry, sweety. Im coming. We shall unite soon."
After another hour, Emily arrived in Roxboro. Emily then got out a pink piece of paper with John's address on it. She looked at it for a few seconds, still keeping an eye on the road. A few minutes later, Emily finally made it to her destination. At this moment, Emily had butterflies in her stomach. She couldnt believe that its happening.
Meanwhile, John was wondering around when he suddenly heard a car pull up. John looked out the window to see a silver mustang parked there. Then, to his shock, a girl stepped out, holding a cell phone to her ear. At the very same moment, his phone rang. John looked at the phone, and then at the girl. " cant be!!! She...Oh my God!!!" thought John. John ran outside. Emily saw him running towards her. John wrapped his arms around Emily, pulling her close to him, burrying his face into Emily's hair crying. Tears formed in Emily's eyes. He did remember her. Emily then burried her face into John's chest and cried her heart out. "I missed you so much, Emily!" John choked out, holding Emily tighter. "I missed you too, John." Emily replied, crying harder.
Suddenly, John picked Emily up in his arms and then kissed her passionatly on the lips. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. John then started walking back inside. Still holding Emily, John walked to his room and closed it behind him with his foot. John then carried Emily to the bed and put her down, and then got on top of her, and started kissing her again. Emily's dream has finally come true. "I love you, John." Emily whispered in John's ear. "I love you too, Emily." John whispered back. And John laid beside Emily, and pulled her close and whispered in her ear," You need to rest, my love. It has been a long day for you." Emily only nodded, gratefull that John was there beside her. Emily snuggled deep into John's chest as John pulled her closer to him. "Sweet dreams, my angel." John whispered in Emily's ear, and then he too fell asleep.

A/N: So...what do you think? Emily and John has finally united. Sorry for the long wait. I have been having writer's block. Yuck! lol. Later