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Anything and everything. . .
Life's about heartache, you don't have to dwell on it but sooner or later you will have to except it.
You don't let it control you, you simply learn from it and never think your the only one that suffers from it.
You can take something positive from every aspect of life, whatever it might be, know mater how much it may burn.
They may be someone you have known for years, or you just pass them by on the street, but they too have had their turn.
Some day you will find that person who helps you see everything for what its worth, and helps you come to the light.
Weather its someone special to you, or someone you have never laid eyes on before, a person come along who shows you to hang on tight.Weather its a friend, a mother a father, a sister a brother. . .whomever it may be, will you let them show you?
I have found that person in my life, the one that makes it all okay. No he cant get rid of all my problems but he helps me cope. Live one day at a time,and realize you have to just let it go. You have a choice in life, the choice to be happy, or to be right? Which will you chose? Are you willing to lose an argument, and be happy? Or would you rather fight for your chance to be right, and lose your joy? I see this on a day to day basis, people surrendering their joy for a few min of glory. When in the end, is winning an argument the thing you should put all your energy into? No, its finding joy with the people in your life. I have come to learn this, and for me this has been hard, for I am a very stubborn person by nature. And I have found someone who is equally stubborn, but he channels it in the right way, in the things that matter. I am learning to do that, and because of him I am leaning how to be a happier person in all aspects of life. I used to cry at night just wanting to go home, and while I love my home town, home really is what you make it. I never thought I could be happy in this little town. But I'm even finding beauty where its hard to discover, in places it shouldn't be. You just have to search. I have learned that no matter where I am, if your with the person you love you can be happy. Now, he said when we get married he would move me back home. . . but as luck would have it there is now know work up there for him. He worries I wont be happy, but he is what makes me happy, in every form possible. I never thought I would get married, ever. Its not that I didn't want to, I just never thought someone would love me like that, love me for me. I always thought I had nothing to offer and that any guy that looked at me like that was crazy, or would soon realize I wasn't worth it. I don't know why I felt this way, but its how I have always felt. I think I felt this way cuz know one ever really 'liked' me, and I was around allot of guys. But I guess the right guy haw something in me, and I am eternally grateful to him. He has made my life complete, and I will never be able to express how mush he has helped me. Not even to him. Its amazing. . .

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