This day, as one may imagine, was not very eventful, but I did not have a bad time either. Why is that? Well two things...

First off, I had spent the other night at Mason's, and although we fell asleep rather early, the most fun we had was when we woke up early the next morning and spent all day drawing pictures for each other, eating pastries, and watching anime together. That was lots of fun, you know?

Then, I had to go home in the evening, but that wasn't all bad, because then I got to watch Princess Tutu, which I had started the other day. I had started watching it on a complete whim, though it had been on my list of-to watches, I hadn't planned on it for a while, but... I am really glad I started it. It was an excellent, excellent anime that really touched me deeply and left no disenchanting moments.

Considering the pairings of the story, I have to be completely blunt here. As much as the story centered around Ahiru/Tutu’s feelings for Mytho, I thought that those two as a pair were incredibly … dull. I predicted almost from around the beginning that Ahiru and Fakir would end up being close, and I’m glad it happened that way because I thought Fakir was a much better character overall then Mythos, who in my opinion was a bit drab. It’s not that it was his fault, since he spent half the series devoid almost entirely of emotion, and being confused the rest, but… It’s not even that, just his character TYPE wasn’t very interesting, if you understand what I mean.

As much we are made to hate Rue, I still found her an intriguing character, just because we actually felt something for her. Hatred that later turned to pity, then happiness (at least for me) when she got to have a happy ending. I mean, it’s true she did horrible things, but was it not the Raven’s blood that drove her and corrupted her, so that her love for Mythos became twisted and possessive?

I have to say I’m a little disappointed that Ahiru stayed as a duck, but the story was left very open-ended so that there’s a possibility that she may return as a human one day. I have a feeling that even if she was a duck forever, Fakir would love her anyways, just because he’d know the beautiful soul that lay underneath the exterior of a duck.

The progressing relationship between Ahiru and Fakir were by a smidgeon my favourite part of the series. As I stated before, I didn’t like Ahiru/Tutu and Mythos together due to how shallow the relationship was. Ahiru didn’t even have any real reason for liking Mythos; she barely even knew him, even by the end of the series. Rue on the other hand, had spent time with and loved Mythos since her childhood. Doesn’t it make more sense for them to be in love after all that, despite what her desperation drove her to do? Ahiru and Falkir had actually known each other on a deep emotional level, that’s what makes them better together.

All this in my opinion, of course, but what isn't?

Fakir was an incredibly kickass character whom I loved, and I loved Ahiru too, and I was rooting for those two SO HARD by the end of the series, you don't even know. I cried with happiness when they danced at the bottom of the pond, and he told her he'd stay with her forever.

... I'm a bit corny for that sort of thing, yes. >.<

They didn't kiss though, gah!

Anyways, that's all concerning Princess Tutu for now. It's pretty late so I might get myself to bed, although I'm not too tired... all the caffeine keeping me up, undoubtedly, ahahaha...

Oh yeah, my heart earrings broke too... that made me sad...

I am very glad it's a long weekend though. Back to school on Tuesday, bwah. Not that it's bad, I've actually been enjoying school abit, ever since I joined the Anime and D&D clubs. So on Tuesday we start our club's new campaign! I made a neutral good human Mage named Marisetta Frostwind who specializes in ice magic, and hates ogres because they slaughtered almost the entirety of her tundra tribe.

Okay, I'm going to bed now. Ciao ciao, 'til next I write. ♥

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