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Anything and everything. . .
By reading posts and talking to people the last few days I have been thinking of what makes a person mature, an honorable individual. Some say a good job, good this, good that. . .But realistically its none of those things as a whole and while these are good quality's to poses they aren't the whole 'cake'. You know someone is mature when they can laugh at themselves, when their secure enough with their being that they can be themselves all the way. When they could never imagine putting someone else down to make themselves feel better. When they can sit in a crowded room and not say a word but be involved in the conversation just by their presence, not having to be the center of every ones world. I myself have always thought I was mature, and for a lot of girls my age I am. However in the recent months I have really realized that a few things were holding me back. Causing me to be stick in that 'kid, almost adult' stage. I was not comfortable with me as a person. I hated the way I looked, and have come to realize that to is a sign of immaturity. I'm not saying you have to think highly of yourself, but you are what you are, and some things you cant change. Being mature means excepting that and learning to be happy with who you are. This goes for all other aspects of life not just physical features of a person. Leaning to be happy while doing something for the better of the group or to help better someone else . . . Always seeing the positive in every situation know matter how grim it may look at the time. When you look back in years to come you will realize you had no reason to be unhappy. While life is never going to be perfect in the complete sense of the word (right now) you can have your own little perfect world. This is not a fantasy or something you can fabricate in your mind. It takes work. Attaining the 'perfect world' means learning to see the good. Sometimes just stepping back and realizing what you have, and not wishing for more. Be thankful for a parents who loves you, or a friend who is always there. Or the one you love. . . and who loves you back.
True happiness is the little moments like sitting in a complete silence with he person you love, just knowing you could never love someone more. Or watching a little child discover something for the first time. Or helping your little sister with a homework assignment, and seeing the pride in her eyes when she brings home an A. Not looking at the fact that its raining when you want sun, or that your house isn't the size you want or the color you prefer. In the end those things will fade and all your left with is the knowing you had your world. Will it be something worth remembering? Or will it be filled with negative thoughts, complaints, or the wanting of more? Or will it be filled with love, joy and happiness? Leaning to take every moment of joy with appreciation, and disregarding the disappointments, this is a true sign of maturity. And Those who ever do achieve this status, are the happy individuals of society. The ones who smile when its raining, the ones who have learned to find the joy wherever it hides. The ones who never let someone tell them they weren't good enough, or couldn't do something. There will be those in your life who will beat you down whenever given the chance, and this makes them the ones that wont make it, the ones that wont grow. But will you be mature enough to not let the comments affect you? Will you be mature enough to succeed even when you have ones in your life trying to pull you down? As I look around the community in which I live, its scattered with ones who never grew, for one reason or another they let something hinder them. They will never know the joy you feel in the little moments, for their focus is not that of joy and satisfaction, but of heartache and failure. We all go though our hard time, and there are trials that you cant just over look, but you can still make the choice to be happy and move on with life. I have seen some of the most amazing people who have gone through hell, and they may not be overly happy due to hard circumstances, but their here. They will still find joy in the little things in life, because their ability to do so is what has gotten them this far, to this point. Each of us knows a person like thins, will we be like, them making the best out of what we have? Or will we dwell on the not so perfect circumstances? Learning to grow despite trials, this it the ultimate sign of maturity, and it is the key which leads to happiness.

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