I do not own any Final Fantasy 9 characters, nor do I get paid for writing this. I'm just a crazy writer, who is filling in the need to do something with these characters. Aluri is one of my own, but she is based off of races in FF9.

The card was laid down upon the table.It was a Bomb card, and it had enough power to beat and combo, making it a perfect. the defeated groaned, as he dropped his coin purse onto the table, gave her his cards in the field, and laid his head on the table. He didn't expect her to win. She had lost in earlier games that were for fun, which he now guessed was used to draw him in. She put the cards in her deck box, which was hooked to her belt. She then picked up the coin purse, and tied it to the belt as well. She grinned, and saluted with two fingers.

"Thanks for the win, bud." She then turned around and headed towards the door, her tail wagging as she did so. While her mix was still odd to see around, and because of the horn in the middle of her forehead, it was possible she was either related to the first queen of Alexandria, who brought a new era of peace, and helped a race of beings start on Gaia; or, she was related to Eiko, the girl who may have been related to the queen. Whatever line she was from, one could tell she was part summoner and part genome. That much was for sure.

Honestly, she didn't know who she was related to. When she was a small child, she was traveling with her family. One day, a beast attacked them. Her mother and father put up a good fight. Her father died first, and her mother died next, while taking the beast with her. Ever since then, she was alone. It didn't bother her though. She met a Burmecian named Ferrel. Ferrel decided to raise her as his own. He was a traveler, and a good one at that. He laughed, when she first asked about him looking like a rat. She learned a lot from him. When he got marries, his wife Funeria accepted her, and they became a good family, and lived in Burmecia. They were glad that they had her, when they found out that his wife could not have children. When the girl became a woman, she took to journeying, just like her adoptive father had.

Now she was in Treno. She was going to celebrate her win, and get something to eat, when-


She turned, to see an unfamiliar face. "Who's asking?" The man seemed to be a ruffian, but he had a kind face. 'Even so,' thought Aluri,'It's best to be weary, then to be naive.'

"The name's Cornelius. I'm apart of a group called Tantalus. I saw your strategy back there, and I've heard about rumors about your travels, from other places."

"You've got a point here, Cor-nee-lee-oos? "

"Actually, I do. I'd like you to join with us. We can always use someone like-"

"Not interested," she replied, as she began to walk away.

He walked forward, and began following her. "Why not?"

"I'm just not interested,' she replied. "Besides, I'm sure there are more people out there you would be interested in."

"Why would I? Are you the same Aluri that took on a Zahgnol all by yourself?"

"It was just luck,' she replied, placing her hands in her pockets. "One mistake, and I probably wouldn't be here, being bothered by you. It almost makes me regret not making a mistake now."

"If it be luck, then be so kind to grace us with that luck. Come one. I'll tell you what. You join in with us for a week. If you don't like it, we'll pay you for your troubles. Deal?"

Aluri stopped. She didn't really care for money, but he did seem desperate. "Tell you what. Change some of that money into a new quarterstaff, and it's a deal. Mine's starting to get a little on the useless side."

"It's a deal then," he said, grinning, and they shook hands. "All right. We'll head back to Lindblum in the morning."

"Tonight," she replied.

"Tonight? It's not safe to travel-"

"If you travel by Gargant, we can reach Pinnacle. Then, we can travel by foot the rest of the way. we'll run into a few beastie, but I'm sure we can handle them."

Cornelius looked to be thinking a bit on this. He then nodded. "Agreed."

"Good. Now, let's get something to eat. I'm starving."

They finally made it to Lindblum. This was actually the first time she came here. out of all the kingdoms, it was still the most developed, and the most populated. She wasn't a fan of people. She never had been. There was just something that rubbed her the wrong way, being around a lot at once. She followed him into the Business District.

"We'll stay at the inn for now. I don't want to wake Boss."

"Fine by me." They walked inside the inn, and he bought them two rooms. As they got upstairs, he took the one on the end. She took the one next to it, and was surprised to see a moogle there.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize this as someone else's -"

"It's not. I'm just here to give letters and the like, kupo."

"Oh...Okay then." She came in, shutting the door. She leaned her quarterstaff against the wall, and laid down on the bed, after taking her boots off.

"You weren't raised with eidolons?"

'Huh?" Aluri looked over at the moogle.

"Eidolons. They are what summoners speak with, and they help them in battle and the like."

"Well, I guess I wouldn't, since I'm not a summoner."

"But you are. All summoners have the summoner horn, like you do. you just haven't been taught to speak to your eidolons. They probably wonder why you haven't met you yet."

She looked over to him, as she swished the end of her tail a bit. "How is it I don't know these things?"

"Well, your parents or another summoner should have told you."

"That's probably it then. My parents died a long time ago, and I don't stay long enough in a place, to learn more than what i need to keep going. The family that raised me probably knew something, but probably figured my parents had told me, before it all happened."

"I'm sorry to hear that, kupo."

She turned her head back, to face the ceiling. "Don't worry about it. It was long ago anyways."

There was a pause to their talking.

"Well, I'm goign to sleep. Have a good night."

"Goodnight, Kupo."